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Craft Wars Report Part One

Wow, was I ever surprised when I saw it pop up on my app that there would be two new episodes airing last night and the second one would be the season finale. Noooooo! What am I to do now? This just won’t work at all. But not to worry, plans are in the works to keep up the craftiness.

Since there were two episodes, I’m doing two posts, it’s double the crafting, and really, isn’t that just divine?

Pop Craft

Alrighty, mini-blinds. Ok, again, I was thrown. But I have some on two windows in the house that believe me I’m dying to get rid of so maybe I’ll craft them instead of tossing them now. We’ll see, that’s for another post altogether.

So for this one the crafters were asked to take these blinds and make a chandelier. Different. It stumped me for a few minutes, I needed the commercial break to get my thoughts in order actually.

First off, my fave was Daniel’s. Simply because it was simple and clean. Sometimes that’s really nice. But the other two I totally ‘got’ and I never in a million years would have thought to curl the metal, wow. Kudos on that one.

My take. I would have punched a hole in the end of the blinds and fastened with a washer and nut or screw (depends on weight & depth etc.). The whole things needs to be spray painted too. Gold might be cool, plus it would reflect the light, bright silver too. White is too plain for me on this one.

I would then have fanned them out and bowed them into an open bowl shape, kind of like a  small bushel basket. Now obviously something would have been needed to keep the shape and that’s where I borrow the idea from the crafter who used the embroidery hoops. A perfect support. Use rivets to attach to the blinds, or for some cool style you could wrap wire too. Actually, that might be cool too and add some neat texture. Ok, so we’re adding that now.

Depending on the length of the actual blinds they may have had to be cut down so that the chandelier didn’t hang too low, but you get the idea. Simple and clean.

Master Craft

Can I just say here that I was JUST looking up barrels a week ago and had an idea similar to this? Yeah, totally.

The challenge was to make a wine and cheese display from wine and cheese related items. LOVE!!!!

I immediately grabbed my Blackberry (for some reason I could not find paper, argh!) and made notes on what supplies they had to use. This is key.

  • Wine bottles
  • Corks
  • Crates
  • Wine labels
  • Post & Pans
  • Barrels
  • Baking Sheets

Tres awesome!

I immediately think ‘Wine Bar Bistro Set’. And I got a vision in my head of the winery I visited in Germany ages ago that was in a cellar and was exquisite and elegant at the same time.

I would definitely need a build team on this one sine I have no idea how to actually do it but what I would definitely want is to cut open two barrels and attach in a flat piece of wood with a ‘lip’ for back support to make them into stools. Foam and felt or a cool fabric for a cushion, we want to be comfy after all right?

For the second half of the barrel (from the seat down) I would like to see some storage of wine bottles as that’s what the point of the challenge is after all. Obviously if these are stools they will move and shift so we want to be smart about how we build in the storage. What I’m thinking is to make those criss-cross shelves and then have the lattice wood that was in the wood shop as a ‘door’. That way you have some character to the barrels, different textures and depth because you can see through the holes. I would stain the lattice to work with the barrels. Perhaps if the barrels were dark brown stain the lattice a cherry red for some contrast. Oooh, that would look divine!

Next I would make a bistro table out of another barrel and have a clear round top for it. I would then have a piece of wood cut and dropped in the barrel as a pseudo-shelf/stopper. I would then, because they’re super-light anyway, drop a bunch of corks in. So cute!

For the bottom 3/4’s of the barrel again you could make shelves for the wine bottles and this piece probably won’t move much so it could be open. To edge the shelves and create a slight ‘lip’ to keep the bottles safe cut up a bunch of corks and glue gun them on. Use a hair dryer for those glue strings too! I love that tip from the show! If you can see the wood between the corks, and you may, stain it first.

We need serving trays now. I love them. So much fun. Use the crates. Paint them a chocolate brown or hunter green depending on your taste. Mod podge wine labels on the ends as the sides tend to be slatted. Put in a felt liner so nothing slips out.

Coasters can be made from the wine labels mod podged into stiff cardboard or even themselves if they’re thick enough. Simple and easy to wipe down.

The baking sheets could totally be chalkboard painted to0. Then the wine choices and pairings can be posted on them. They can hang on the wall. Or on a wall you make. It depends where this is going to go. I loved the way Daniel made walls with the lattice so you could indeed mimic that. And I adored the cork grapes that the other crafter did. OMG, gorgeous!!

If you really wanted to go all out you could even make a bench. Use the barrel ends attached to wood and use the crates as a base. Make a cushion to coordinate with the stools by using foam and fabric to match. Stain the wood and the crates to match the barrel so it’ll all look like one piece. To hide edges that are less than stylish, glue gun rope.

Ooooh! And for a finishing touch, we need lighting right? Twinkle lights are of course essential, but how about a wine bottle hurricane lamp? Ok, for this take a glass hurricane tube/vase. You can put a candle in it or battery tea lights. Your choice. Position wine bottles around the vase. If you go with battery operated tea lights so there’s no heat you could hot glue the bottles to the vase for sure. Then use rope to tie them. Tres cool! If there’s another way to attach glass to glass please let me know, I honestly don’t know how. But I have this vision of it and I so want to make it.

So that’s my take on the first episode from the finale night double-bill. Did you watch? What ideas did you get?


One Response

  1. I loved both of his, both the pop and the master, although I agree with the judges comments both times about the small details, finishing the inside of the awning and the tape on the bottles in the master and the stuff not trimmed on the top in the pop. I disagreed with the judges that he should have included more bling on the miniblinds in the pop craft. I really liked it with just one bling on each around the top. I loved the curled one too, even the long dangley one, but I didn’t care for her master craft, sorta predictable maybe? It didn’t look like where I’d want to relax with a glass of wine whereas his did.

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