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My Crafty Endeavours

As you probably noticed, Nonmom took a week off from her blog, there was just far too much going on.

But now she’s back and raring to go again!

It’s been a busy time with family things that came up and are still being dealt with, work and this odd, overwhelming need to finish things off. I had planned on having some time off this summer but that just didn’t happen unfortunately so I took snippets where I could and tried to have some ‘me’ time where possible.

I also got the crafting bug, BIG TIME!

I have a tonne of supplies for various craft projects that I get all set for and then promptly run out of time for. It’s very frustrating, but man, do I ever have a lot of supplies.

Then I discovered Pinterest. A dangerous site for a person like me. I saw all of these wonderful ideas and for a bunch I even had the exact supplies needed to go ahead and make them.

For example, more than a few years ago now my friend moved from Canada to Australia and gave me a few little things here and there including all of these amazing wooden clothespins. Not exciting to some, but to me, very exciting. The possibilities were endless and I refused to toss them no matter how long they sat in their bag.

Then I found this.

Well, all I had to do was convince hubby to have some tuna at dinner and I was set to go!

Here’s my work in progress (need to spray paint the cans white, paint the clothespins green and then glitter just part of the clothespins).


My new tealight holders!

And then my darling wonderful friend and her utterly wonderful daughter and I decided to have a craft afternoon and make flower clips for our hair. She had found some beautiful ones on a trip earlier this year and we figured we could make a couple ourselves.

So we made a couple, and then a couple more, and then she made a headband for her daughter, and then a couple weeks later I made more.

We both have hair flowers for every occasion now I assure you. But it was a blast and a needed one.


We made ‘a few’


The oh-so-lovely hairband


My solo afternoon because I just ‘needed’ to make more 🙂

And last, but certainly not least (or really last because I’m getting out my sewing machine in a few minutes) the purse that I started months ago and could never find the stuff for the strap so I could finish it FINALLY got finished LAST NIGHT! I am ecstatic!!!! It’s a design from The Crochet Dude and I adored it and I am so proud of it!


Next up: use those old tank tops that I have saved and taking up space for the craft I want to do with them that also was found on Pinterest and is making me save more stuff I have no room for LOL. Check it out here. Results to come!

Happy Crafting all!


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