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Changing Phases and Trials and Tribulations

Fall means change and natural progression. In my family this currently includes transition as my grandmother moves from living on her own to a care facility.

We are all going to have to go through this at some point and it can go either the easy or incredibly rough route. Thank goodness for the teamwork going on behind the scenes between my aunt and my mom. They are both running themselves ragged but they are moving forward and getting the stuff done that needs to be done. Kudos to my dad too. He’s been a rockstar. And my darling hubby for helping out last weekend, hence why I bought him dinner ;).

There comes a point for most of us where our parents and/or grandparents can no longer live on their own and that means a time of serious flux for everyone, them included.

My Gramma is beyond independent, she’s worked hard literally every day of her life and now that she is edging closer to 92 (in about a week and a bit from now) it is noticeable that she is slowing down a bit.

It has been a rough process for all parties but after last weekend’s tidy, sort and divide and one more trip up by my parents and my aunt at least the apartment stuff is now taken care of.

Step two which is getting Gramma moved into a proper facility which is closer to all of us is in progress and the focus now. Eliminating the 2-hour plus drive to see her will also make life easier for all but it’s going to be an adjustment nonetheless.

Going through all of this and seeing what my mom and aunt are going through and trying to be as supportive as possible has definitely been a trial. Knowing that my Grandmother will be safe and cared for so that she can enjoy every day is what we all look forward to.

Does all of this make me think about how I will do when it’s me doing what my mom is doing? You bet. And I think I can safely say that I admire her even more now seeing how well she is handling the twists and turns that are constantly being presented. She and my dad and my aunt are truly a team and I only hope that when I go through this process I can do as good a job as they have.

Has your family been through this yet? How did you cope?


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