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#TeamKate and my support of the Duchess

Over the past few days there has been a big mess going on with topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge being published.

I was furious when this came to light. I refuse to look at them and I am more than disgusted with the photographer and magazines that have taken and published these.

I try very very hard to keep politics out of NonMom but this one really ticked me off. How dare they!

For those who don’t know, I am a big fan of ‘Princess Kate’. I really think she is the epitome of class, elegance and grace. She is such a wonderful role-model for girls with her easygoing ways and approach to her Royal duties. In short, I think she just plain rocks.

Being in the public eye I get that photos will be taken, I do get that, honest. However, when they are on a private vacation I think stalking them for pictures is nothing short of revolting.
It boils down to simply being a peeping Tom when you really think of it. It’s the same as a photographer staking out any home or vacation spot and taking pictures unbeknownst to the subject and then making them public except that in their case they happen to be Royal. And these ‘rags’ justify their publishing of these by saying it’s because they are public figures. Again, I get that they are public figures, but following them 24/7 is uncalled for. At official engagements, sure, in public, ok, really, not THAT awful. But there really needs to be the return to common decency and common courtesy. NOT EVERYTHING needs to be public.

If Kate wants to suntan topless in France (which yes I know a lot of people do there and in Europe in general) then that’s fine. If she’s doing it at a private villa/chateau whatever, then leave her alone and let them be. Everyone needs a break and to get away from everything, them more than others in a lot of ways actually, and to invade their privacy like that turns my stomach.

It IS reminiscent of what happened to Diana and that really creeps me out too. I think the palace is absolutely justified in suing and I hope they win and I hope it’s a huge win. I also hope they donate the proceeds to a charity… I really think that would be the dignified way to deal, but this behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud and a precedent set NOW.  It is abhorrent.

Poor Kate. I adore her. I cannot imagine how she feels, I know I would be mortified that the world could see me like that and I know I would crawl up and hide in my room. She doesn’t have that option and held her head high by continuing her tour in Malaysia.

Can you imagine being her and having to go out the very day and the next etc. knowing that these pictures are out there and were taken completely without my knowledge let alone my permission and having to smile and be gracious and be photographed while doing this?

But she did it. And I look up to her even more now for doing it.

Go Kate go! I’m on #TeamKate and will continue to NOT view these pictures or any others that are taken in such a manner. Hmpf!


4 Responses

  1. I was really shocked to hear the news of those photos. I love Kate Middleton!

  2. So … yes. I think she has a right to sue and all of that. Having said that, seriously???? you know you are surrounded by papparazzi – do you really need to sunbathe topless? I love Kate, but come on. (don’t hate me)

  3. In response to Laural, I would say that she was in France, and they have super-strict laws about this. A magazine was successfully sued just for publishing a photo of a female politician in a bikini on a totally public beach. And the balcony of the house was a kilometer away from the road from which the photo was taken. Look at this perspective. I think it was reasonable to expect privacy. https://twitter.com/NaughtyNiceRob/statuses/246695423220256768
    To me it’s like going to Singapore with Leboutins on…you know chewing gum is illegal there, so you’d never worry about getting it stuck on your lovely red soles, right? 🙂

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