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Reminiscing about the best summers

Growing up we didn’t have  cottage or go on big ski trips or even have a pool, we boated.

I remember clearly the first boat, a 21 foot Larsen that we only had a couple of years but it was great. Even at that young age I got hooked. Being on the water was the best. I got to swim whenever I wanted and to this day the best sleeps I have are on the water. I was the first in and last out of the water every day right up until the end.

What can I say? I’m an aquarius and I really do love the water. To get my ‘fix’ I even got my spiffy little 8ft diameter pool for my backyard this year so I could float on my raft. I named it the SS Misty Patches. There were a few days of rough seas (had to be a 32nd of an inch high waves) but if you put the bow into them you’re all good LOL.

Our second boat was a 26 foot Chris Craft, Family Ties because it tied the family together. We had so much fun on that boat it’s almost silly. I have memories of the Labour Day when we must have had upwards of 50 boats rafted to the dock and the hut was cookin’ with music run by generators, food being cooked on the cast iron stove and the windows taped off to keep the warmth in. We even had lights running off the generators for a great party! The campfire that night was one for the books. What a great time it was.

We had trips to the North Channel in that boat with our friends that turned into a two-week vacation and I have not forgotten how clear the water is up there and the amazing taste of Farquahr’s ice cream in Little Current (I remember going up the hill from the town dock and to the left for ice cream, the grocery store was up the street on the right if memory serves). My sister and our pseudo-Grampa (we ‘adopted’ family friends as extended family in several cases) built an Inukshuk or three (we have pics) and we had some fun adventures too. That’s where the Misty Patches joke comes from. The short version: If the weather says Misty Pathches, stay in. We made it, I kissed the dock.

I also have the best memories of some of my dearest friends and the fun all of us ‘kids’ had up there. My bud Dan-Man (as I still call him LOL) and I are still in touch fairly regularly. He enjoys teasing me since he has a boat and lives near my beloved Georgian Bay and goes up to our old haunting grounds all the time. Last fall though he was a true gem, and I thank him still for this, he invited my hubby and I up for a day on the water and it was like going home. I know that sounds cheesy but it was for me. And to show my hubby where I spent so many wonderful moments was so special. Dan and I of course did a lot of giggling too. It’s what we do. What was the most special though was that despite how much time had passed, Georgian Bay looked pretty much the same. I even remembered where the rocks were! Go me! And when Dan handed me the wheel, well, let me tell you, it was the highlight of the decade. I am literally grinning as I type this, that’s how much I needed that.

Our last boat was a beautiful 36 foot SeaRay. Again, Family Ties and the dinghy, my beloved Zodiac, was The Kids Won. And we did. Dad still teases my sister and I that we spent more money on gas for the Zodiac than we did on the big boat. Yeah, well, we probably did in all fairness, but man, did we have a lot of fun with it too. In fact, when we were up last year with Dan and his lovely wife on that day as we were going through the channel at the back of Bone lo and behold the IDENTICAL boat to our SeaRay passed by. I just about fell over. It was almost poetic.  I loved that boat. We had the coolest aft cabin, it was like a condo for my sister and I. We even had our own bathroom. We thought we were pretty cool.

Rafting through the one slow zone with two dinghies and a jet ski, getting absolutely swamped by said JetSki to the point where the gas tank was floating (yup, Dan-Man struck again LOL) and sitting on the rocks at Bone Island at night watching the stars and satellites go by.

Loons Georgian Bay

It may have taken me 15-20 years but I finally got a pic of the Loons at Bone Island on Georgian Bay.

Waking up and jumping in the lake.

Teasing my high school boyfriend when he wouldn’t jump in because he was used to 88 degree pools and I was used to 65 degree lake water (my hubby has this trait too,  I will break him of it at some point though LOL).

Playing Monopoly and card games while listening to various years’ editions of ‘Dance Mix’ while the parents were out for their sunset cruise and we all took over the boats.

Runs to Picnic Island for ice cream before the sun went down on Saturday nights.

These are the memories I cherish and that always make me smile.

What summer memories do you covet?


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