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Officially a 10k walk racer and I have the medal to prove it!

Wow! If you had have told me a year ago I’d be standing at the start of a 10k walk yesterday morning I would  have giggled. NEVER in a million years would that be me.

Well, times change and that WAS me yesterday along with my super-friend Jackie.

Oakville Half Marathon 10K WalkOakville Half Marathon 10K

A few weeks ago I was searching online for a walk event to maybe think about and found one, in my town too, the Oakville Half Marathon event which included a 10k walk component. The date worked, so did the price with my budget and after about 3 seconds of discussion with Jackie we decided to just do it and sign up. Wow. When I got the confirmation email it was suddenly real.

After setting my alarm for 5AM, slipping into my clothes for the race and having a quick bite to eat hubby drove me over to Jackie’s so we could get to the shuttle buses to the event at beautiful Coronation Park. It was FREEZING out so I kept my long-sleeve top done up and had my hands up my sleeves to keep warm. Brrrr! It was still dark when we got there but what a sunrise on the waters of Lake Ontario. Beautiful!

Oakville Coronation Park

By the time were lined up at the start I was hoping they’d say ‘go’ quick so I could warm up and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. We lucked out BIG TIME with the weather despite the cold too. The weather network had been calling for rain all weekend but our event stayed dry the entire time. Whew!!!!

Jackie and I took our places with the other competitors and waited to hit the pavement. We both had big smiles and were ready to go!

Oakville Half Marathon 10K StartOakville Half Marathon 10K

We stepped over the line just seconds after the horn blew and we were off! We had discussed pace briefly and I figured 6.1km/hr and I wouldn’t wear out (still a very respectable pace) but apparently were were both a bit fired up because we maintained 6.5km/hr the whole route. WOW.

As this was my first ever big race/event I looked to Jackie as the expert and we just kept on moving. It was great!

Oakville Half Marathon 10km

What event did we sign up for? Think we’re lost, nope, it was all good!

We both had our music going for pace and it really did help, but what also helped was doing this together. She pushed me and I pushed her and we did it! Our 9th kilometer was my fastest ever at 8 minutes 43 seconds. I’m still in shock over that one. And a super bonus was that at the 6km mark our personal cheering squad started with my dad surprising us! I got a ‘keep going, you can do it kiss’ :).

Then at 7 and again at just before 9 we saw my mom and hubby. They figure they did about 5km just trying to find us and then see us twice, too much fun! We make our ‘entourage’ work for us ;). But seriously, it was great to have that encouragement. I of course, because it’s me and we all know me and my toys, was tweeting a little bit. Thank you’s to Casi and Mario and Dr. Jenn for the tweetbacks! 🙂 They really perked us up. And a big one to Laural for encouraging me and giving me a BBM pep-talk the night before. You are the best girly!!!

At the 9km mark I was really starting to feel our pace but I am so glad I pushed on, I did it for Jackie, I admit that, I didn’t want to hold her back so I just put my head down and she knew because she started giving me the data on how many metres we had left, that helped big time.

When we crossed the line we did it together (our times were identical!) and were both ecstatic, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oakville Half Marathon 10KOakville Half Marathon 10K Medal

And of course afterwards we decided that a trip to Starbucks was ‘Necessary’ followed by Denny’s for food. We kept seeing shirts from the event coming into both places so we figure we were in ‘the’ places to be post-race. 😉

Jackie is doing a 5K event this coming weekend and while I won’t be able to cheer her on in person you better believe I will be texting her cheering her on that way. And I of course am I already looking for another 10K walk.

Our time goal: 1 hour 39, our actual time: 1:33:25. We beat it by almost 6 minutes!!!!!

And best of all, we tied for second in our age category! Pretty good for our first time out!

I know I felt awesome after but I also freely admit I didn’t do much when I got home. I felt a day off was deserved 😉

What have you done that you never thought you’d do? How did you feel afterwards?


5 Responses

  1. Congrats on finishing. I see you’re a Southern Ontario gal as well. 🙂

  2. Amy you are more fabulous by the minute. Well done and congratulations on the time score.

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