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Starbucks New Home Brewer: Verismo!

Starbucks VerismoLast week I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Starbucks Canada launch of their new home brewer Verismo.

It’s like they knew I was a coffee addict or something? 😉

This premium at-home brewing system is actually very cool and oh my, the vanilla latte I made myself tasted EXACTLY like in-store. I was blown away to be honest. I have used a couple of the home brewers though I admit I don’t own one at the moment, and the coffee is good, but it doesn’t taste like this one, this was really unique.

What made it unique? The milk. They have taken milk in a pod to a new level with this and I swear to you it tastes perfect. And I’m picky.

The machine makes espresso, lattes and of course brewed coffee and it holds up to constant use too. We made back-to-back-to-back-to-back etc. drinks, and mixed those up too and it didn’t skip a beat. Very impressive.

What I liked about the machine itself is the ease of use and the size of it. For me, and I know a lot of others, counter space is an issue so the fact that the machine is narrow and easy to move makes a big difference. It’s also really simple to use. There are 3 buttons, espresso, brewed and milk. And of course you can take out the base to accommodate those larger mugs that a lot of us (myself included) sometimes require to get through our day. To make your drink you simply drop the pod in the top, pull down the lever and hit the button.

If you’re wondering about the quality of espresso from a machine like this, don’t. They have made this so that it can adjust its pressure to brew the most wonderful espresso. I couldn’t get over the rich caramel colour that was the product of the machine followed up immediately by the most beautiful latte ever. Mmmmm. Starbucks Verismo Latte

The machine is available now on Starbucksstore.ca and will be entering Williams-Sonoma, Home Outfitters and of course the Starbucks stores themselves, in the coming weeks. The 580, which is pictured above, runs at $199 and the larger 585 model for $399 (this one only available at specialty stores). The pricing of the pods themselves varies from $12-$13 in differing quantities and they too will be available online as well as in-store.

For the premium coffee lover who has times when they just want their drink without having to go out or the entertainer who wants to finish off the evening’s festivities on a high-note, this is the brewer for them for sure. And if you’re just a plain old Starbucks fan, you will definitely love this too. I envision latte parties with the girls for me, home brewing; It’s the new ‘going for drinks’ ;).

Happy brewing!


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  1. This sounds like a good one, Amy!

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