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Adventures at the Steven and Chris show!

Yes you read that right, today’s episode of the Steven and Chris  show (September 26th) has a brief feature that includes, well, Moi! Talk about a dream come true!

It has been nearly impossible to keep the whole thing quiet for so long but now that it has aired (I’m timing this so it posts AFTER the show) I can post about it and the amazing time I had there. I have been a fan of the guys since their first show Designer Guys.

But first, how did I get on the show? Well, I saw a shout-out on Facebook for people who have a bunch of clothes in their closet but need help with them so I sent in an email on a whim saying that yes I had a tonne of great clothes (a lot of them courtesy the Laural collection 😉 ) but no idea how to wear them since I kinda lost 62 lbs (and counting, but only a couple more). The next day while I was en route to visit my Gramma my Blackberry started going off and it was the show! They asked and I answered a bunch of questions about my closet etc and then they said they’d let me know on Monday. This was Friday.

Sure enough, and still to my amazement, I got the email Monday that I had been chosen! OMG. Me!

So on Friday of that week the film crew and the stylists arrived and we started shopping my closet! I did a big ‘tidy’ to neaten the bedroom and closet and I hope it looked ok on the show, eeeep!

They posed my shoes and bags on my lovely painted-by-me hat boxes and I just loved that so I had to take a pic. It became a cute joke quickly that my cobalt blue pumps might disappear with them…but I managed to still have them and still do. Although visitation can be worked out if Genny and Tara want ;).

Steven and Chris Show

We went through some clothes that had to go and then Genny started making combinations I never would have thought of and taught me about shape and colour rules. It was great, I learned SOOOOOOO MUCH from her and Tara. I even got to learn a couple neat ways to tie a scarf. I have of course been doing them ever since. They took a few pieces from my closet and said I would see them again on the filming day in studio. I was uber-excited to see what magic they were going to work.

In between takes we had a fan going and I had to crank the AC, the poor camera guy was wilting. Apparently tv lights are a tad bit warm ;).

The biggest lesson that day was that I should ‘play dress-up’ with what I have. So I did! Post-taping I started pulling things out of the closet and taking pictures with my Blackberry and then went on my Pinterest account and into my ‘Dream Wardrobe’ board and started playing there too! I have honestly never had so much fun with clothes in my life. I have always dressed to ‘cover up’ and ‘minimize’, no longer is that necessary, I can finally wear the outfits I want and they look, well to be honest, I think pretty nice!

Then I waited about 2 weeks and the big day arrived: Studio Day! I somehow managed to get some sleep the night before and picked a decent outfit to wear to the set and my mom, my wonderful friend Jackie and I hit the road and headed downtown.

We got there early and were escorted up to the green room, I was in a green room, seriously, that was cool, tee hee.

I swear I took a step back when we walked in the door: my clothes that they had taken with them to re-work were on the mannequins (I later found out these are called ‘Judy’s’) and I honestly think my jaw hit the floor. WOW!!!!!!!

I tried on my outfit I was to wear on set to make sure it fit ok, and of course it did. I could not believe what a bit of tailoring could do to a suit. It looked better than the day I bought it. I walked out of the change room  and there is a full-length mirror starting at you straight on when you do and I gasped out loud at the outfit, me in it and my legs. I swear those aren’t mine. My mom and Jackie of course giggled at my surprise but it was genuine. Who knew hard work paid off? LOL

I was whisked to makeup where the wonderful Andrea made me camera ready and then it was time for the audience to come in.

The Steven and Chris Show CBCNonmom Steven and Chris

I had a few people coming that I knew so I got to grab them out of the line and they got VIP seats which was very cool! They’re in the front row if you watch! But first mom and Jackie and I had to pose :).

Steven and Chris CBC

Then I had to disappear and even my mom and Jackie had to go and be seated while we put the finishing touches on me. I got to meet Steven and Chris and they are so sweet in person! I was really really impressed, they even signed my copy of their book from their Designer Guys days. Thank you guys!!!!

Finally it was time for me to get dressed in my stage outfit, the gorgeous suit they tailored for me and get ready. We had a slight issue with my shoes which actually turned out to be really funny. I did not know that when you lose weight your feet also shrink…you see where I’m going with this…so I had like triple insoles in the pumps and then we had double-sided tape holding my heels from slipping too. It was a riot.

I was behind the set and ready to walk out when prompted and then my parent’s favourite song came on the speakers on stage! I couldn’t get the smile off my face as I started singing along to Gloria by Laura Brannigan and knew my mom had to be doing the exact same thing sitting on the other side of the wall. In between segments the guys took pictures with everyone, here’s my mom in her element, she loves them! She even watches them in Florida!

Steven and Chris CBC

Before I knew it the time had come and my segment in the house was on the monitor. I had to send in a ‘before’ picture and wow, when I saw it next to the more current one in the beloved Kate dress I borrowed, I was stunned. I think the segment turned out well. I was hiding backstage and walked out to cheers and bright lights and it was on!

I walked out with full-confidence, the previous song had helped that and did my part to chat with Genny and Chris. It was great!!!!!

Genny Ianucci Chris Hyndman Nonmom

I think I did ok, and I cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness and the wonderful tips and fun!

Thank you’s to: Tara, Genny, Andrea, Karen, Michael, Emily, Amrita, Vedrun and of course Steven and Chris!!!

And more to my ‘entourage’ on the day: Jackie, Mom, Brenda, Urszula, Lucila and Heather and her mom-in-law! Knowing you were all in the audience definitely helped me stay calm.

And now a couple extra pics just because it was SUCH a wonderful experience!


Posing with my darling wonderful friends who were in the audience!


Posing post-show with my new Steven and Chris mug (thank you Brenda!!)


Jackie Moi and Mom post-show


13 Responses

  1. Wow! What an experience! I just watched the segment online (thanks to your Twitter…one day I will actually figure out how to use Twitter….) and you did amazing – so confident! And you look great! 🙂

  2. What a lucky chick I am to be friends with such a gorgeous supermodel!!

    You look GORGEOUS!

    I have the same issue with clothes. I buy a piece because it’s super cute, but I’m not sure how to pair it.

  3. So proud of you! You looked awesome on the show … and in real life 🙂 You have a lot to be proud of!

  4. Amy, how wonderful for you to be recognized like that! You look terrific!

  5. Kudos to you for reaching out to “Steven And Chris ” Show who I enjoy watching too! Good things happen to good people. 😉

  6. […] then another major treat, appearing on the Steven and Chris show on CBC and receiving the gift of time with the wonderful Genny Iannucci and the divine Tara Williams who […]

  7. Oh my gosh!! What fun! How great that they tailored your suit for you. It is amazing what you can pull together from the stuff that you already own. I’m so glad you stopped by and commented at my blog. This was a really great thing for you! And congratulations on your weight loss!

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