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It’s important to have a little fun sometimes

The title says it all, it really is important to take some time for yourself every now and again.


Taken near Midland, Ontario

I am the Queen of putting everything and everyone before myself and in the past year as part of my ‘Nonmom 2.0’ (Ooh, I like that, ok, future blog post and story title now decided upon) project I have been trying to enjoy life a little bit more. I think I was in a funk brought on partially by something called the ‘Great Recession’ more than I would like to admit and it really did pull a lot of people down didn’t it? Well no more, this is 2012 and let’s move forward is my philosophy. Life is far too short to not take some time to enjoy it every so often.

That’s why last weekend after working a brutal week, I decided to take Saturday and go with Nondad up North and while he did his thing I went off and visited with my darling friend (ok, he’s pretty much family at this point) and just relax. It was wonderful. I loved every single second of it and I will not feel guilty for taking that day despite having to work all day Sunday again.

We journeyed up to where we used to boat (that’s where we met and we’ve been friends ever since) and I cannot tell you what a wonderful feeling that was and even for the brief time we were there I was in total bliss. It’s amazing how a place can trigger instant relaxation isn’t it? Well, for me those places are few but Honey Harbour is definitely at the top (and a little more local than my other locales of choice).

Then we went back to Wasaga Beach and had a lovely relaxing lunch and proper catch-up chat.

I felt so refreshed and relaxed I cannot even tell you. I had one of the best sleeps in ages that night too. That could also have been partially due to the fresh air all day, but I like to think that a significant chunk of that was taking that time out for me.

It wasn’t anything major that made the day perfect, but it was. Catching up with a dear friend (and seeing he and his wife’s new utterly adorable baby kittens!) , getting to enjoy the natural beauty that is fall and in an area that you cherish, priceless!

How do you decompress? Do you find you are taking more ‘me’ time now or less?


One Response

  1. Decompressing time is so key to anyone’s overall happiness, I believe. My hubby and I are going away this weekend for one night to Napa. Cannot wait! Just the looking forward to it component this week has lifted my spirits. 🙂 Found you on Bloggy Moms October hop.

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