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Change in my morning routine is upsetting

I have a routine in the morning, my body very much goes on autopilot. I get up, brush my teeth etc., sometimes I even brush my hair, LOL, get dressed, go downstairs with the cats and turn the kettle on, feed the cats and then start to make my lunch while the kettle boils for my oatmeal. And so on and so on.

I’ve even on a couple of occasions started heading to an old office location just out of old habit. That’s always funny. But I digress.

Once I finish battling traffic (the bane of my day, thank goodness for my new fave morning show on the radio) I arrive at the Timmy’s drive-thru and order my medium regular. When I pull up I see my Timmy’s Guy Amire and we joke back and forth as I’ve partially woken up by this point. He teases me as to whether I have debit or cash on me and then when I pull out the debit card I get ‘the look’, it’s a riot. Far too much fun is had at the drive-thru window. I even made sure he and his wife watched me on the Steven and Chris show since he had seen me several days a week during the whole process. Again, big smiles and jokes on both sides of the window.

Today was the last day for him at that location, they are moving him to a different store.

I am not amused.

He’s my Timmy’s guy! He knows my routine. I need my daily dose.

The rest of the crew are beyond fantastic there but I am very much going to miss seeing my bud in the mornings.

Why Timmy’s? Why?

I do not like changes to my routine in the morning. I will miss my bud. But yes I will keep going, I require caffeine after all. But it won’t be quite the same.

I took my sweet time this morning, apologies to the cars behind me, but it was important to have that extra few moments of fun with my bud.

Good luck Amire! I will try to come visit and I’m sure I’m not the only customer that will miss ya!


2 Responses

  1. Awww! Change really is a pain. But change in the coffee routine, that is serious.

  2. Oh I have a morning routine too that I don’t like to change at all!!! It would upset my balance. I get used to people too and where I live they are constantly changing!! I HATE that! We are the same in that respect!

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