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Adventures in kid parties as a Non with a little help from #Hasbro

I did it! I threw a kids party (ok, it was kinda sorta really girly) and it was successful!

I got the girls lovely Princess Tiaras, because they are both Princesses, and honestly, what girl doesn’t love a good sparkly tiara at age 4? It was all I could do to not grab one for myself.

Then it was down to the business at hand. They had a mission, have some fun, play with cool new stuff and have some more fun.

And did they ever take their jobs seriously! Check this out:

Disney Princess Play-Doh Hasbro

Making Play-Doh Princesses with the new sparkle Play-Doh and the Disney Princess Prettiest Princess Castle Set was taken to with a great deal of gusto. And seriously, the sparkles were awesome. I love Play-Doh. Always have, always will.

Then it was on the new Littlest Pet Shop Fairies Fairy Fun Rollercoaster playset. Assembly was required, and my mommy friends figured this would be a good test for me, I think I impressed them as I did manage to figure it out….with a little help from one of the Princesses of course ;).

Hasbro Littlest Pet ShopHasbro Littlest Pet Shop

This playset is utterly adorable! It comes with a few Littlest Pet Shop creatures (which could not be cuter if they tried) and the characters can do a bunch of things like climb stairs and race along the track, take a swing and of course play around the set too. Princess Coco just loved having them climb the stairs and race along the ramps. I must admit, I did too.

Next up was manicures and a Disney Princess movie (Princess Coco picked Aladdin…..admittedly one of my favourites, I love Robin Williams as the Genie). Apparently the fact that I had the OPI Minnie Mouse red went over well with the girls, so did my various shades of pink. Yay! Nonmom did good!

Hasbro Day at Nonmom's

The little girls didn’t sit still too long, and really, who did at that age? And when one of my furballs decided to brave a trip to say hello to them well that was just a riot. Smudgie appeared and was very cautious on the stairs and then the girls tried to pet him and he of course ran. It was adorable. Both girls were cute trying to fund his hiding spot and really it was all in fun but we did have a good laugh seeing the cat run and then the girls right after him.

Last but by far not least we gave Twister Dance a try.

Hasbro Twister Dance

Too. Much. Fun.

I haven’t giggled that much in ages! Instead of the traditional Twister mat you have the dots and you place them on the floor in different patterns according to which song you are ‘playing’ to. We of course went Britney. DJ Abby handled the button pushing for Laural and I and Jackie giggled and snapped away with the camera at our attempts.

One thing I still have to try out is the really cool option to plug your MP3 device into the game (it even has a dock space on the top of the game speaker) so you can have your own music play and dance to it. I’m trying to convince NonDad to try it with me but he keeps giving me a strange look LOL.

Overall, I am beyond thrilled that I was able to share in the fun of a kids party that I actually put together and it was a success. The girls went home with big smiles and the mom’s and I agreed we will definitely be doing it again sooner rather than later.

Thank you so much to Hasbro for the toys and games! I know a few more items that are going on my shopping list and being recommended for the holidays now for sure!

See, NonMom’s can still have some of the munchkin experiences without the munchkins. You just have to be lucky enough to have such wonderful ones in your life that their parents are happy to loan you for a few hours ;).


5 Responses

  1. Tiaras, manicures, Play-Doh!! Now that’s a PARTY! It looks awesome! I would totally lend you my little Eli 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you had fun. I still love Play-Doh and Twister. You’re never to old for fun and games. Great Christmas gift ideas! Thanks. 🙂
    The photos really added to the post as well.

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