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Reaching new heights

Mount Charleston, Nevada, Cathedral RockYou probably noticed that the blog, twitter and FB pages for Nonmom were all a little quiet there huh? Well, Nonmom snuck off to the desert for some much-needed R&R with her hubby.

We LOVE it in the Southwest US. Nevada and Phoenix are our favourites and we try to get there once a year. There is something about the desert and the mountains that we just adore and this trip proved to grow that affection again and give us more reasons than we had in the ‘reason bank’ to go back.

Typically we don’t spend a lot of time on the strip but we do stay on it. We tend to venture out and explore the area and there really is so much to explore that is breathtakingly beautiful you really have to try it all out.

We have done Valley of Fire several times, it’s one of my favourites, Death Valley and yes, Hoover Dam. But up until this trip we hadn’t explored the Mount Charleston area.

We remedied that and are so glad we did.

I took to Google before leaving and did my research ahead of time and found out where the visitor centre was and even previewed a couple of the trails for hiking, dusted off my hiking shoes and counted down.

It was a short drive to the park and visitor centre and the gal who worked there suggested we do the Cathedral Rock trail. Hubby asked if there were any hazards we should know about and she warned us that the chipmunks at the top might try to steal our snacks… sneaky little guys apparently. 😉 She said the trail was pretty easy, hubby noticed that on the chart it was marked as the easiest of the very difficult, LOL, but we drove on over to the starting point, geared up and hit it.

Cathedral Rock Mount Charleston NevadaMount Charleston, Nevada

Up we went, 1100ft up, and 90% of it was indeed UP. Hubby made me slow down as I was pushing ahead and he was right because if I hadn’t, I definitely would have worn myself out. My legs were good up until the final push when I really did have to take a couple breaks, but was it ever worth it for that view and the adorable welcoming committee.

Chipmunk Mount Charleston, Nevada

I look at the pictures and still am amazed that we hiked that. Wow. A year ago, no flipping way would I have made it. I am so proud I did.

Plans for a return next year and the tackling of another trail are already in the works.

Have you ever surprised yourself at what you can do?


2 Responses

  1. Way to go! If that was “easy”, I can’t imagine what the difficult looked like. Amy, check out my blog. I’m co-leading a women’s trip/retreat to Sedona for 4 days in June. Want to come?

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