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Nonmom’s Pick’s for #Holiday12 Part Two!

Power Manners by Shannon SmithThis time of year we all attend various social functions from the office party to coffee dates and lunches all the name of the Holiday season. This pick of mine is rather appropos I think as we could all use a quick refresher in a clear and easy-to-follow along way for successfully navigating these events with style, grace and of course, proper manners!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Smith and also got to read her book, Power Manners. I was raised that manners are important and I firmly believe that to this day. I think in a lot of cases people are so rushed they become oblivious to common courtesy with even the most basic, saying please and thank you for example, being overlooked. I actually make an effort to remember these and smile often. It’s just polite, and it’s the right thing to do. Plus, in my experience, people tend to remember those who make that extra effort…even though it shouldn’t be an effort.

The book is well organized and takes you from simple cocktail party etiquette to business meetings and lunches to international travel but also has the basics (which fork is which) explained in a clear and light-hearted way.

If you want to brush up, or even just check-up on how you stack up with your manners this book, and Shannon herself, will be able to help.

Shannon Smith is a leading image strategist and founder of Premiere Image International based Toronto and New York. She is a TV personality, speaker, columnist and author of Power Manners – How to Use Your Personal Skills for Business and Social Success, a 230 page, beautifully illustrated, hard cover book a very practical easy-to-read guide with answers to so many of the business and social questions that people really ask. Her Contemporary Finishing School Programs for fortune 500 companies and individuals across North America offer customized programs in personal branding – image mastery, charisma, presentations skills, appropriate dress & grooming, manners, etiquette training, executive dining and protocol. Learn the secrets of Self-Confidence; Discover the Power to Influence, Make Success a Natural Part of Your Life. Ms. Smith assists individuals transform from unnoticed to unforgettable…and she personally guarantees it.

Please visit www.premiereimageintl.com or call 416 324 8955 for more information.

E-mail  shannon@premiereimageintl.com. or www.powermanners.com


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