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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday12 Part Three

For Love of Cats

As the blog implies, I’m not a mom per se, but I am a cat mommy and I cannot express how much I adore my beloved furballs. Coming home and calling out for the boys and seeing them run to me for cuddles is the best part of my day I assure you. When I was away earlier this year I made my hubby put them on Skype for me so I could talk to them and see them. Yes, I am THAT person LOL.

At the holidays a lot of people tend to get a pet, but a lot are also unprepared for that pet and there is nothing that breaks my heart more than a pet having to go back to a shelter instead of having a forever home. Honestly, my hubby was at a pet shelter today and he refused to take pictures to show me because he knew I’d be in there and wanting to bring them all home for the holidays. He did of course give a few some snuggles which were appreciated no doubt.

So this is where today’s Holiday ’12 idea comes in. I was recently sent two lovely books, ‘For Love of Cats’ and ‘For Love of Dogs‘ which are put together by Animal Rescue League of Iowa and are full of important and helpful information for the pet-owner-to-be as well as the current pet owner.

This organization touched me because they take in all rescues, no pet is turned away, and the books include wonderful stories of pets finding their forever homes through this great group.  We need more groups like them for sure and this is why my boys are from a shelter too.

Both books include tips for selecting the right pet for your home, basic care, training and grooming tips. They cover everything in an easy-to-understand way and give confidence and that much-needed reality-check for a potential pet owner. In For Love of Dogs there is also a training DVD included to enhance the book even more.

Even though my boys are almost 6 (oh my!!!!), I still found some great tips and info and am now going to attempt (once again) to get Spot to wear his collar using the method they describe. I made him a lovely Christmas collar last year and he looks divine in it and I’d like to see it on him for more than 30 seconds this year… he is a bit of a diva, Smudger loves his, you should see him strut with it on, he knows he makes it look good. 😉

These books make great gifts and come from a great organization. I encourage you to check them out. The books are published by Landauer Publishing and are available at: http://ForLoveofCatsandDogs.com/


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