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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday2012 Part 4!

That Pet Finder Kid Scott ClementsMy last post for holiday gift ideas was all about caring for and choosing the right pet for your family, and keeping with that theme, today I spotlight a wonderful book I just finished on the weekend by author and e-friend Scott Clements: That Pet Finder Kid.

I had the opportunity to review Scott’s debut book, Gasparilla’s Treasure earlier this year and just loved his writing style with that story so when this one came out I just HAD to read it, and the fact that it’s about a white fluffy cat didn’t hurt either ;).

This is a fun and sweet book about Chet Parker who has a unique ability when it comes to understanding animals and he ends up putting that gift to use to help the popular girl at school, Heather, who’s cat Mr. Fluffy Pants has been catnapped. This is absolutely a book I could see myself or a lot of my parent-friends sitting and reading along with their kids and there are so many fun references that the parents will catch that it pulls us in too. My faves included the name of the vet and page one of chapter two, but you’ll have to read it to see what those are ;).

Chet is a sweet kid navigating life and school in the way that works best for him, from the background, but he is thrust into the spotlight when Heather’s cat goes missing and he realizes that he can help her with his abilities. Along with his friend Douglass (who reminds me of a certain physicist on a certain hit tv show) and his faithful dog Zoe, they investigate and try their best to return ‘Fluff’ to his favourite spot in the sun and his loving mommy, Heather.

Scott writes in a tone and language that is perfect for the tween age-group but isn’t a hindrance to the younger kids either. I really look forward to more of his books as, for me personally, when an author can get kids to read, they are worth checking out.

The book is available, along with his other works, on Scott’s website www.HappyBrownDog.com and would be a perfect addition to any animal-loving kid’s presents for this holiday season. I know I’m counting down til my nephew is a little older and I can read it to him. P.S. He has a great author pack available at the moment that includes signed copies of the books! Click here to find out more 😉


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  1. This book is ridiculously hilarious! It is such a fun story. So many kids see themselves in Chet 🙂

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