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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday12 Part 5

With my apologies to all, I have been holed up on my couch for now 4 days with a nasty pre-Christmas cold so my posts have been delayed, but I will catch you up and myself too with this one to start!

We all love opening up our gifts over the holidays, but we also know that opening the cool gift that takes batteries and either not having them on-hand or them wearing out quickly can be a tad bit annoying. This is where my practical side kicks in and where this post is leading to: Don’t forget the batteries!

Hubby and I use a lot of gadgets and they either need chargers or take AA or AAA’s and usually he goes through them all before me so when I need them I can’t find any. Duracell has come up with an awesome solution to this and we did try it out and it absolutely is fabulous. The Duracell Quick Charger came in very handy recently for hubby’s gps. He takes it everywhere and it does tend to eat batteries up. So when the Quick Charger arrived for us to try out I immediately handed it to him.

Duracell Quick Charger

He’s been using it ever since. It says on the package that it can charge the batteries up (and it does both AA and AAA) in an hour (actually it’s 85% but that’s more than we needed) and it did indeed deliver. I you leave them on longer, they will charge fully, and they can be recharged hundreds of times too.

This is also perfect for another device I tend to wear out, my Wii remotes and Wii Fit. Who else gets frustrated when you want to play on a gaming system and the remotes are dead? Now I just make sure I leave a few batteries charged up…or wait an hour ;).

Duracell Instant ChargerThe other super-awesome-I-am-in-love-with-it treat from Duracell was the Instant Charger. This is such a hubby gift, but I’ve been using it for myself and really enjoying it. It’s a small little lightweight device that charges on a USB outlet and you keep it on you and when your cell dies, you can charge it up from the Instant Charger. It’s cool.

I keep it charged up and my iPod does tend to die a lot and now I keep it charged up with this…and it works on hubby’s iPhone too among other things. It charges off of USB power cords so it’s very handy to have and because it’s small and light, it doesn’t take up a lot of room in my purse…or in the car for hubby. I’m very impressed.

Duracell DuralockAnd last but certainly not least, for those cool toys that the munchkins will be opening up, remember those batteries! The Duralock’s come in either rechargeable or not and do have great staying power…which you’ll be grateful for this holiday season for sure! They also make great stocking stuffers ;).

Happy shopping!


4 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been down with a nasty cold especially during this busy time of year.
    Enjoying your holiday picks.

  2. Amy! Feel better soon please!

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