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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday2012 from #Hasbro

Today I’m spotlighting some of the wonderful toys available this season for the munchkins from my wonderful friends at Hasbro. I had the opportunity to see and play with a lot of these at the Holiday Preview event a few months back  and I just know that faces will light up when these are opened over the holidays.

Since there are just so many cool things I want to tell you about, this post will focus on the littlest munchkins, the pre-schoolers.

PLAYSKOOL POPPIN' PARK LEARN 'N POP LION Toy1. Playskool’s Poppin’ Park Learn ‘N Pop Lion

Yes, that’s a mouthful, but I really like that this is a fun toy but it also teaches.  The bright colours are designed to appeal to the munchkins and it teaches motor skills when they have to place the balls in the lion’s mouth and then crawl or walk after them to do it again when they pop out. The lion also counts as it is fed and it doesn’t count in only English either, it counts in 4 languages! What a great way to introduce new languages!

2. Tonka Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ CHUCK Dump TruckHasbro Tonka Chuck

I first met Chuck a couple of years ago at my first Hasbro event and I have adored him ever since…conveniently so has my nephew and now my other ‘nephew’ who even takes the little Chuck I gave him to bed with him (how adorable is that?).

I got to try this Chuck out earlier this year and when I first saw him I thought ‘oh cute, a new Chuck’, then he started doing tricks. I couldn’t stop giggling. He’s still Chuck and can be pushed and take loads etc., but he also does so much more…and he talks too!

From Hasbro: “Roll your TUMBLIN’ CHUCK vehicle backward – he somersaults back toward you! Load him up to see how much he can hold, or watch him do his dump truck sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks! When you roll him along in Roll-Along Song Time mode, he hums a song for a musical tune-up and he changes the speed of his tune to match how fast you roll him! Your TUMBLIN’ CHUCK vehicle reacts to how you play with more than 80 phrases and sounds. When playtime is over, he’ll go into naptime mode.”

For the little diggers and builders in your life, this is a definite must-check-out.

3. Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Candy Cyclone Set

I love Play-Doh. And I got to try this one out too. And it’s just plain cool and fun. The munchkins can make their own ‘candy’ treats with this tres cool machine. They can make lollipops that are swirly, small little candies and more. And seriously, I love Play-Doh. I keep a small stash of it for when my friends kids come over too. It’s so much fun!!!

Hasbro Play-Doh Candy Cyclone Sweet Shoppe

4. Playskool Sesame Street Come ‘N Play Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe

Cookie Monster and a kitchen, it just works doesn’t it? While I do love Elmo, I am also a big Cookie Monster fan, come on, those googly eyes and that great voice, I just love him!

Hasbro Sesame Street Come 'N Play Cookie Monster Cafe

There is so much to do in this cafe, from cooking on the burner that makes a sizzling sound to reading the recipes to serving your customers through the window, Mommy or Daddy’s little chef in the making will have their hands full making their creations for meals while you make yours. Again, there is more than one thing to do with this and I like that it has healthy foods and ‘recipes’ listed in the recipe book on the stand.

5. Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘N Roll Rider

And last for today, but certainly not least, this super-fun toy converts from ride-on to walker so it can last longer for play and grow with the child, but it also plays over 15 rockin’ tunes while they play. I love that!!! I know, I get way too excited, but the fact that is also has that component, and it’s not just one or two songs over and over (which does admittedly get to me sometimes) is cool. The music plays when the rider is in motion so it encourages them to keep moving to keep it playing…and kids moving is a good thing in this day and age for sure.

Plus I like toys that grow with the kids and are useful for longer than 3 months at a time and are durable. There are two models of this as well, one that is blue for the boys and of course, one that is pink for the girls.

Hasbro Playskool Rocktivity Walk 'N Roll

So that concludes part one from Hasbro, stay tuned for more this week!


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  1. I want the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Candy Cyclone Set !!!!!!!

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