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Nonmom’s Picks for #Holiday2012 with #Hasbro Part Two

Have you finished your shopping yet? How about the tree? Is it up? Mine isn’t…..eeeek! But I lost 4 days with the ‘cold that was totally unwelcome’ so I’m using that as my excuse. At least I’ve got MOST of the cards in the mail….I ran out of stamps…..I have to get more, dang!

But I digress. This post is all about toys for the little boy munchkins in your life and I know I have a few in my life so I’ve been checking into these pretty closely in trying to decide who gets what.

First on the list we have the Transformers. I should announce my bias here, I am a fan. I was when they first came out when I was a kid, I just think they’re cool. So, what does Hasbro have for the kids in this genre? Well, the Transformers Weaponizers figures. Check. Out. Bumblebee. (Can we tell he’s my fave?)

Hasbro Transformers Weaponizers Bumblebee

These Transformers have four different modes, glowing power-up lights, and weapons that spin into action! They come with blasters, and their weapons deploy in both robot and vehicle modes for more options in play. You can alternate between Robot Mode, Weaponized Robot Mode, Vehicle Mode and Weaponized Vehicle Mode too. I know I’m like  broken record with this but I’ll say it anyway, I like when toys have options and do more than one thing. Here we have a Transformer which could simply transform and be cool, but with the added features they’ll be sure to be played with more and for longer. Smart.

But there’s more with the Transformers line. The Kre-O Transformers Destruction Site Devestator is for the slightly older boys (8 and up) and for those kids that like a challenge this is the set to get for sure. This 560 piece set lets them build 9 different combinations: 1 giant robot, 4 different vehicles or 4 different robots! Build SCRAPPER, DRILL BIT, SCAVENGER or HIGHTOWER as vehicles, then tear them down to rebuild them as robots. Or build one enormous DESTRUCTION SITE DEVASTATOR robot with a drill bit as one hand and a grappling claw as the other! This 9-in-1 set also includes 6 KREON figures: CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR, Construction Foreman, IRONHIDE and 3 Construction Worker figures.

Hasbro Kre-O Transformers Destruction Site Devestator

Next up we have the newest thing from the Beyblade line. A dome! I got to try it out and I can see a lot of kids really enjoying this one. I got introduced to Beyblade last year and must admit I got hooked rather quickly… hubby and I squared off several times…which reminds me, another tournament is in order ;).

Hasbro Beyblade Destroyer Dome

Normally the stadiums for Beyblade tournaments are open topped, but this brings a whole new level to it and of course, some new Beyblades too. I cannot get over how how techy these tops are and how many different factors the kids have to consider when building them and competing with them. It’s a toy, yes, but it also has them thinking strategically and using some engineering to get the most out of their turn.

These have quickly become a favourite of mine for the boys.

Next up we have the Nerf N-Strike Hail Fire Blaster. WOW. I have a lot of guys in my life, and they’re a lot older than the recommended ‘8’ minimum, who would absolutely love to have this under the tree this season. It holds 144 Nerf darts. That’s just awesome. Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Hail Fire Blaster It’s even customizable…which I KNOW is something my guy-friends are going to be all over. Here’s the 411 from Hasbro to get the guys drooling:

“(The) rotating ammo rack gives it the highest capacity of any NERF blaster. The HAIL-FIRE blaster comes with 4 Quick Reload clips and 24 Elite Darts, but it can hold up to 4 more Quick Reload ammo clips and up to 144 darts! The blaster’s acceleration trigger powers up the motor for semi-auto blasting that lets you unleash a storm of revolutionary Elite Darts at your target. Fire at targets up to 75 feet away!”

I’m concerned my hubby will see this post and want one…I think I may be heading out to get him one if he does :). See, even big kids can benefit from this post! 🙂

And last but so not least is a fun combo that is sure to please the kids: Angry Birds and Star Wars. Yes Hasbro has brought the massively popular Angry Birds Star Wars app to life with this fun AT-AT Attack Battle Game.

The set features the favourite “STAR WARS characters re-imagined as high-flying ANGRY BIRDS and villainous pigs! Stack, launch, and destroy with the AT-AT Attack Battle Game, which includes 21 blocks to create the massive, signature AT-AT, a LIGHTSABER launcher and 12 ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS figures – including two that are exclusive to this set! Players can also unlock ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS in-app content with a special code in each pack”.

Hasbro Angry Birds Star Wars AT-AT

I know I have seen so many of my friends kids’ playing Angry Birds on their parents iPads and iPods and I also see that (happily since I’m a huge fan myself) the Star Wars phenomenon continues with the kids to this day so I’m pleased to see a pairing of the two in a fun and creative way. Hasbro really is taking play to the next level and realizing that technology isn’t going away but kids can still get the tactile experiences that come along with being ‘kids’ too.

So there we have my picks for the boys! Happy shopping…I’ll see ya out there myself! Stay tuned, the girls are up next!


One Response

  1. Ooh! I LOVE! Our little tree is up and some presents are wrapped. 🙂

    We get the 11 year old a Nerf type gun every single year. I asked my husband if he’s sick of them….The husband then asked if he could have one this year. LOL! So, I guess that’s a no 😉

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