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Hitting Reset and Making Our Plan

It is a New Year, and one that seems off to a rousing start. I cannot believe it is already past the mid-point of January, can you?

The past couple of weeks, as usually happens to me, have been about re-organizing, re-evaluating and looking forward. This year I dragged my poor hubby into my madness but you know what? It was worth it. We are both on the same page now (for the most part) and while I still have some anxiety (I stressed myself out so much I lost 2 lbs last week), I am learning to manage it and look ahead to the good things. I’m keeping my head up.

We actually took about 30 mins and sat down and looked at the budget and tried to figure out our strategy for the year and such. I still say I’d like to drop one of the two receivers for the tv but we’ll negotiate that one I guess. We used the actual numbers, looked how we were actually doing and made some hard decisions and some that are actually pretty happy ones.

Then a couple of days later we talked again. This time about the house and what our future holds and what our plan should be vs. what it has been. My hubby has the gift of vision for spaces that he inherited from his Grandmother I swear. He is very good at seeing the potential in a space, now putting stuff away so the space is clear…that’s another story altogether LOL. But he came up with some great ideas and I just sat stunned at them…they rock! We can do this!

The most important thing about this process was that we talked about it. We shared ideas. We worked together and will work together. After all, it’s just us and the cats (sorry, forgot the house hierarchy, the cats…then us) and we need to make this all work.

Do you sit down with your other half and do this too? Does it help or hinder?


4 Responses

  1. I do not have a other half, but this was the first year that I sat down and decided I needed a plan to make my resolutions work.

  2. My hubz always gets so freaked out about finances… about every two weeks or so he starts rubbing his temples and panicking. Then I force him to sit down, and we spend about ten minutes going over all our bills and staples and whatnot, and even though nothing has changed — we’re still broke-ass poor — suddenly he feels all better. Knowledge is indeed power, in his case! Glad you and your hubz are finding a way together to make the New Year rock! 🙂

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