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And I will walk 500 K…

Ok, you’re hearing it first, I have set one goal for this year in my efforts to keep this healthy new me on track.

I will walk ‘500km’s’ this year.

I did a little over 300 last year (I know because I tracked it all on my Endomondo app on my Blackberry) and that was starting in May. I have started small this year, I did approximately 22 km’s last week because we had a thaw in the weather, however this week being that we’re pseudo-arctic in our temps I have elected to not go out LOL. That will hopefully be remedied next week…I’m at the mercy of Mother Nature on that one…I would be tough and go anyway but I’m also susceptible to bronchitis so I sorta don’t want that.

But I am all excited and I’ve even geared up as an incentive to myself. I got my spiffy (and warm too!) new jacket to go with my spiffy (I like fun silly words, go with it lol) pants I got in the fall and I ordered and get next week my new GPS watch too. Both are early birthday presents (well, the jacket is, I get the watch after) and I am beyond excited to get using all of these fun tools.

***Sidenote: I think these clothes are good luck, I bought the pants and their first time out I won my 5k race, I got the jacket and set a new personal best on my 10K time first time out. Hmmmm?***

I was worried after the weight loss that I would lose my motivation so I needed a new goal and new numbers to track and this is a great challenge I am so looking forward to taking on. My girlfriends are on-board too and I think that makes all the difference in the world. Our little team encourage each other, get excited for each other and supports each other absolutely.

And I must admit, the new gear is motivating me too. I like gadgets, I like matching and I like tracking.

Now to stare at the thermostat and dare it to move up….


5 Responses

  1. You go girl. I’d love to see a photo of the outfit. 🙂

  2. That’s a great goal! Go for it!

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