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Name Your Blend with #Starbucks Canada!

Starbucks Canada Blonde RoastLast week I received a very cool email about a fun contest and opportunity to interview naming specialist Candace Alper and chat about Starbucks Canada’s promotion to name their Blonde Roast. What’s really neat about this isn’t just that you get the opportunity to do this, it’s that this is for Canadians! Starbucks sells more Blonde Roast in Canada, by a factor of 2 to 1, than anywhere else. And I must admit, it actually happens to be my personal favourite and has been for some time now.

Now they’re challenging Canadians to give their popular blend a truly Canadian name and identity. Are you in?

Names and naming mean a lot and Starbucks really does hold that dear and Candace and I had a great chat all about them. For instance, did you know that their Pike’s Place Roast is named after their very first store and where it was located? Cool huh? Well, I think it’s cool.  And the name Starbucks itself comes from Moby Dick and the ship: Starbuck! So in their corporate case, history plays a big role in naming which is fascinating to me since I am a history buff.

A name really can and does conjure images and meaning to people and Candace and I chatted about this at length. Cultural awareness has to play a role. For example, if you call something flavourful in Canada and then use ‘or’ instead of ‘our’, it really takes that away doesn’t it?A company and a product have to take this stuff seriously and to offer this honour to it’s Canadian customers is something special. Candace and I discussed this with regard to naming kids. It remains an honour to this day to be named after someone. Me for example, my first name my parents simply really liked, but my two middle names come from my mom’s first and middle names. I think that’s pretty special :).

There are some distinctly Canadian images that are in my head such as sitting on a Muskoka chair on the rocks overlooking the water, for me, ice racing (yes we have that and it is beyond fun), sitting around the campfire listening to the loons, going without a jacket as soon as the temperature breaks zero and so many more.

What factors will you consider in coming up with a name? Canadian history? Canadian culture? What unique truly Canadian images are in your minds-eye and how would you put that into words…that is the challenge!

Enter here and join the fun! They’ll even reward you for it with a complimentary tall Blonde when you do. I had mine yesterday and it made my horrid foggy and wet drive infinitely better. Happy sipping!


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