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Helping a friend

My friends are beyond dear to me and when they hurt, I hurt.

My wonderful friend Caroline and I have been friends for coming up on 25 years now. Obviously we met pre-birth (LOL), and she is a fellow Nonmom to a wonderful dog, Cherokee.

She and her hubby have literally been through the ringer and they are in need of some help for their baby ‘Kee’. Having gone through some trials and tribulations with our beloved furball Smudgie last year, my heart breaks for them, and when she approached me to help put the word out to help I merely asked for more info and here it is. If you can help, even by spreading the word, it is beyond appreciated and I thank you from the bottom of MY heart too.

“This is my sweet pup, Cherokee. She joined our family a little more than three years ago, after my husband and I were t-boned by a minivan in (what was for me) a near-fatal accident.

Kee took good care of us while we got better, herding us into the bathroom for every thunderstorm (interior room, dontchaknow) and offering to check all of our chicken and french fries for ‘safety’ when we ate dinner.

We always joked about how healthy she is (she has a 23 constitution for the geeky in the crowd). A little over 2 weeks ago, she started coughing a bit. When the cough didn’t get better after a week, we took her to see the vet.

A lot of money and only a week later, we found out our poor little girl has a HUGE tumor in her right lung. Doggie-chemo is her best chance at another year or so with us, but it’s ungodly expensive.

I hate to do it … but I hate to lose my dog even more, so we’re reaching out every way we can. If you can help – with a donation on Indiegogo right here or just with a signal boost by sharing it around – our little pack would appreciate it so much. <3″


2 Responses

  1. Poor puppy and poor Caroline :(( I’m sending all of the positive thoughts and prayers I can muster and will be happy to donate to her health. Hugs and loves to you, Amy and to your friends ❤

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