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Family Day fun with #Hasbro

Family Day when you’re a Non still counts, it’s just on a smaller scale people-wise…but not fun-wise…and the fun can be achieved in the same way too.

I like getting back to basics and taking  a break from my keyboard and monitors from time to time and I decided that for Family Day weekend I would do just that.

My friends at Hasbro sent over some great games to try out, and none required a computer which met my weekend fun criteria to a tee!

Hasbro GamesFirst off, I tried out Jenga Boom. OMG. The box even has a ‘fuse’ coming out of it. The giggling commenced. NonDad took too long for my enthusiasm in coming downstairs so I of course tried it out first. It went ‘boom’. And it rocked! The object this time is to ‘take a block from the bottom and put it on top, and take a block from the middle and put it on top’ ***giggle*** but this time on a platform and with a timer. You press the play button when you make your move and then stop it when you’re done all the while hoping that there’s more time on the fuse, if not, BOOM! 🙂 This was far too much fun.

Next up was Draw Something which comes from the partnership between Hasbro and Zynga. I think I rocked it. NonDad disagreed. He didn’t understand my superior drawing…I think it’s gallery worthy myself ;). Can you guess what it is?

Hasbro Draw Something ZyngaThe object of the game is to draw and have identified what it is you’re drawing. You take a card and there are three choices on it and they are worth varying amounts of points or coins. The first to 15 coins wins. It comes with everything you need and it’s perfect for travel too as it’s compact. Definitely one to take on vacation or in the car. Again, I love games.

And last but NEVER least was Clue. One of my all-time favourite games EVER!!!! And it’s been updated. And it’s cool. The characters have been updated and given a fresh look and so has the board with new rooms like the garage and the bathroom. The game remains true to its roots, which is important to me, but it updates in a way that will attract the new generation too. Who did it? Was it Miss Scarlet, in the garage, with the lead pipe? I’ll never tell ;).

Family Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean family time should take a backseat. NonDad and I have been making a conscious effort to spend more time together and since this is stuff we both like and enjoy, it’s our go-to. The classics never go out of style, but the new stuff is fun too! Board games make me nostalgic for fun times at the boat as a kid and teen and make me want to snuggle up and ignore the clock.  Plus, board game days are cost-effective, buy the game and love it over and over again!

How do you spend family time?


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