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#MarchBreak Ideas from #Hasbro and Nonmom!

That’s right, March Break is upon us and even as a Non, believe me, I notice it.

I must admit I even look forward to it.

It’s not because I go away anywhere, it’s not because I get time off, because I don’t.

But I freely admit I count down to it for one mega-reason: LESS TRAFFIC!!! LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist. 😉

I know that growing up we never did the big trip for March Break, but my parents and parents to this day, struggle with ideas of how to keep the kids busy during this time so that everyone can have some fun.

The weather affects a lot of plans for sure, but here are some indoor tips from my friends at Hasbro combined with some of my own that I really liked. I also really liked how they organized it by day. If it were me, and I’ve seen some of my parent friends do this so I know it’s possible, I would make a bristol board visual countdown for the kids on this. Oooh! Maybe like an advent calendar of sorts but for March Break? (For my crafty friends, it should have glitter….cause everything needs glitter right?)

Hasbro gave these suggestions, and I really like that they’re low-tech in a lot of ways. It’s all about being a kid and I really really like that. It makes me smile so much when I see the kids play with actual toys like we used to, I can’t help it, I want to join in constantly. I’ve also added my ‘two cents’ as it were….oh my, is that phrase going out of style soon in Canada with the loss of the penny? Sorry, back to March Break…… 🙂

Monday: Family Game Night! Kids pick the first game and maybe mom and dad pick the second and so on? I think that would be fun! It would also be the perfect cap for a day out at perhaps the zoo? That’s one of my favourites. I so love animals. The meerkats are my favourite. Love those guys!

Tuesday: Play-Doh fun! Seriously, who doesn’t love Play-Doh? I do. I keep a stash of it for when munchkins come over….but I also keep another stash for me LOL. Perhaps watch a movie and then make stuff from that movie with the Play-Doh and have a contest to see who gets to pick the next movie?

Wednesday: Host a Beyblade tournament. Ok seriously, I tried this out last year for the first time and I was HOOKED! This would be a blast! But it doesn’t just have to be for the boys either, the Dizzy Dancer fans can also have a tournament, maybe a dance-off? This could work well as a play-date too. You could turn this into a whole day thing too but making a ‘stadium’ and flags etc for the teams, or an equivalent stage for the Dizzy Dancers. For the girls, they could also make tutu’s. It’s fun. I made one for Halloween. Easy peasy too. Here’s the tutorial on how I made mine, took me all of 40 minutes.

Thursday: An Easy-Bake day for the girls! You could make this into a whole girly day and also have mani’s and pedi’s and make it into a Princess day! Add a couple Princess movies, tiaras (they have them at Target and also Michaels) and you’re set.

Friday: Building day with Kre-O and the Transformers! These kits will absolutely keep the kids busy for a few hours, and mom and dad too if they do one too.  Cap the day off with pizza night and a Transformers movie marathon. Why not make the pizza part even more fun and make themed personal pizzas? Yellow peppers and pineapple for a Bumblebee fan on a pita as a crust for example? Maybe strawberries, blueberries and yogurt parfaits for Optimus Prime? Have fun with it and you won’t go nutty on the budget either.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. This is one thing you miss out on as a Non but I am happy to brainstorm for my friends anytime!



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  1. I love the TuTu!!!!! I need to do this with my niece!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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