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My Spring-esque Weekend

FINALLY positive temps arrived. And none too soon let me tell you. I was seriously contemplating tossing some clothes in a bag and just heading South in the car. Winter, which really overall wasn’t THAT bad, was starting to drag and I was at  my breaking point. I have no doubt many MANY others were feeling the same way.

But it appears that Mother Nature heard our cries and saw our Grumpy Cat faces and gave us a reprieve.

And I appreciated it and took as much advantage as I could.

It started on Saturday morning when I got a text from my friend Jackie that she was going to go check out the new Target store. We back and forth’d and it was quickly decided that she’d be over to pick me up in 10 minutes. It’s amazing how fast I can get ready when I need to. LOL. But off we went before 9am on a whim to check out Canada’s take on Target.

We like to be thorough, so believe me, we did the entire store. It was great to see some of the brands I have come to really enjoy here in my country, and the prices weren’t bad, they were pretty much what I expected. I did notice a few things though, such as the Target carts don’t fit so good at two-wide in the aisles. It was kind of funny, I got good at angling. 😉

We both got very hyper over a few items, I found a great pair of wedges that mimic my fashion idol, The Duchess of Cambridge’s, fancy ones. So I was happy.

Target Canada Wedges

And we both got new bathing suits, very Minnie Mouse-esque….and there’s a story to that…..but that’s for a future post ;). Now we need yellow flip flops. Tee hee!

So we were successful which was good. And we’re going with the store has potential since it was a soft launch and not everything is in yet. I did sort of find it amusing that the skirt that I bought on clearance the week previous in the US for $16 was full-price here, and the same with the socks I had bought on clearance for $1.75 in the US at the same time were $3. But again, it’s to be expected. And there’s no clearance rack yet because the store is brand-new. So again, I’m going with ‘potential’.

Then we had planned on re-organizing my kitchen since it’s well, a nightmare at present.

But it was sunny.

So we decided on a walk instead and soaking up some vitamin d along the way. It was great! We got in just under 7km’s.

Sunday hubby came out with me for a 5k walk and it was so nice and sunny I wanted to go further, but we had other things to do so, I made due.

We then checked out a Cat Show, so many adorable furballs, and then visited with some amazing friends we hadn’t seen in ages! It was so nice to have a day that we spent together as a couple doing couple things. We’ve been passing each other in the night the past several weeks and reconnecting and simply talking and being with one another was needed and blissful.

Did I get my housework or laundry done? No. Will I make up for it this week with a ridiculous amount of stuff I have to catch up on and still manage to pull 18 hour days? Probably. In fact, likely.

Everybody needs a break. This was mine. And I took it. And it was good. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. love! Best part … I thought you were messaging me from Buffalo. That sure clears up how confused I was!

  2. thanks for sharing your day although I don’t know how anyone walks in such high shoes I like to do the wedges wth just a bit of heel guess im not that girly

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