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Spring Cleaning with Ziploc Space Bags ROCKS + #Giveaway

It may not be Spring until tomorrow, believe me I’m counting down, I even have a race booked for that night, but I have got the ‘itch’ to start my spring cleaning….so I have.

I have a townhouse, it’s not that big, and the storage is pitiful at best. Nondad and I have made a few modifications including modifying a useless alcove into a linen closet (something the house was desperately lacking) and while it has helped, the house is still far too cluttered. But I am working on it. And when I was sent the Ziploc Space Bags to try out I got positively giddy about it. I know, I’m a geek, but I really was hyper, THEY ARE SO COOL! Why have I never used them before? They absolutely rock.

Check out my cedar chest:

Ziploc Space BagIt was literally stuffed to the top and held less than half of what it does now. And see how there’s extra space on top now?  I am so proud of this, you have no idea. All of my extra sheets are in here now and six chair pads too.  Awesomeness!

And check out my linen cupboard. The sheets and stuff took up almost all of the shelves before….now they’re mostly in the cedar chest with a few on the top shelf. I can store my towels now and I emptied more than half of my one bathroom’s storage under the sink into here now too.  The space savings is invaluable to me.

Ziploc Space Bag

My next project once the weather cooperates and I can actually switch over seasonal wardrobes, is to Space Bag a bunch of my clothes. Since the bags come in varying sizes for all of my needs, and even ones that work vertically (they’re called Cube’s) I think this will help immensely with emptying the massive bin I have for my current swapping needs.

They are uber-simple to use, you just Ziploc them shut and then suck the air out with your vaccuum. I had far too much fun with this. I mean seriously, this is the ‘Space Bagg’d’ version of six chair pads. Wonderful!!!!

Ziploc Space Bag

They also have a travel version that believe me I am all over. You just roll and squeeze the air out and free up a tonne of space in your suitcase. This works for me so they are going in my suitcase NOW so I don’t forget when I travel.  This could also mean more shopping…..but I digress ;).

I am seriously, as you can tell, all hyper about these, and now you can be too! Nonmom and Ziploc are having a giveaway of the line of the bags so you can Space Bag too this spring! To enter leave a comment below telling me why you think these would rock your storage problems. Open to Canucks only, sorry my darling US friends, the contest opens now and ends at midnight Monday March 25th EST.

Happy Spring Cleaning!!!


7 Responses

  1. I’ve got a crowded bedroom upstairs that could really use these!

  2. That looks AWESOME!! …and may make me even want to spring clean 😉

  3. OOooh!!! I want to win. I need these bags! I love ziploc!

  4. Wow. Fun. Way to go Amy.

  5. […] know) and I have just kept the process going! P.S. There’s still time to enter to win some! Click here and leave a […]

  6. OMG – i need these so bad!! Our linen closest is exploding. This would help to organize our extra bedding and towels and keep them fresh!

  7. They would help my storage problems because bulky blankets do not store well in closets without getting torn.

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