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Spring Cleaning Updates

As you know, I started my Spring Cleaning with my now beloved Ziploc Space Bags (again, why did I not use these before I will never know) and I have just kept the process going! P.S. There’s still time to enter to win some! Click here and leave a comment 🙂

Significant progress was made this weekend and I am so proud I thought I’d post an update!

  • Dusting of master bedroom done
  • Vaccuuming of master bedroom done
  • Massive chest bin of clothes EMPTY!
  • Bathrooms all clean
  • Kitchen floor vaccuumed
  • Linens washed and changed
  • Laundry up-to-date
  • Drain that wasn’t draining…draining
  • Spare room ready for it’s update (plus you can now walk in and turn around)
  • Serving pieces and bakeware re-organized
  • Massive pile (and growing) of stuff to be donated accumulating in living room for pick-up this week

Next up: the home office needs to be basically emptied. I’m debating removing the closet doors entirely and just having it as open storage. I’m also debating doing the same thing in the spare room as we may convert it to a sitting room. The sliding doors that are currently on both are just awful.

Then, the basement. A tonne of stuff needs to go. My stubborn streak is kicking in and this place WILL BE TIDY AGAIN!!!!

How is your Spring Cleaning going? Any fun challenges? Any fun organizational tips you’d like to share?


4 Responses

  1. When you’re done, my house is ready for spring cleaning. LOL
    I use the “space” bags too and they’re great! 🙂

  2. I do my spring cleaning the same weekend as my spring shopping. That was our plan for the past weekend. We found some great deals at Berlington Coat Factory. TI loved the prices they had on all our new clothes. Then, when we got home we cleaned out the closets as we put away the new clothes.

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