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Review & Ideas for #Easter from #Hasbro

Yes that’s right, ‘EB’ (aka The Easter Bunny) will be here in a matter of days and the munchkins will have their baskets at the ready and the race will be on for who can get the most eggs.

At least…that’s how it was at my house growing up. To this day I still get excited about it and wish I could re-live the hunt.

This year ‘EB’ and I got to talking and after a few consults, several emails and some covert tweets, he agreed that he would help me out and put on an early one for a special munchkin. Potential hiding places were mentioned and mapped out, a basket purchased and the eggs have been checked and are ready to be filled. But then I had some guilt kick in and thought maybe having all sugar wasn’t the best idea.

And then I lucked out and my wonderful friends at Hasbro gave me some ideas for making Easter just that much more special and I wanted to share them as soon as I got them so you could incorporate some strategies too!

I clearly remember waking up Easter morning and seeing the chocolate bunnies that had been left for us as well as usually a small gift or two. Obviously the gift lasted longer than the chocolate.

As a Nonmom, I seek to inform and help everyone, not just fellow non’s, with keeping up with what’s hot with the kids so we can avoid the deer in the headlights look at the store.

This year there are some uber-cute ideas for both the boys and girls and indeed, for the whole family. I love coming up with fun ways to combine things so I’m doing a mix of sweet and treat for the munchkin.

First up: obviously we have to look at the egg hunt. I mean come on, this is me! EB and I are combining a few eggs with treats in them and then these ones, filled with Play-Doh! If you’re a regular reader you know how I love Play-Doh so you know I’m hyper about this.

Hasbro Play-Doh EasterBut it isn’t all just regular Play-Doh. There’s a new one. The Play-Doh PLUS! It’s softer and when you use it with regular Play-Doh, think of it like icing on a cupcake. It flows a little differently. Very cool. A jar of this will hopefully be in my Easter Basket ;). And the bunny and chick stamps which are also just for Spring and have the Doh in them plus stamps on their feet for more fun play. EB was partial to these. He liked hopping the bunny ;).

And then there’s the other additions to the Easter Basket. Toys! Small or larger, there are options for all price and age points and here are a few:

1. On the larger side, and I must say, utterly adorable, is the FurReal Friends Hasbro FurReal Friends Hop 'N CuddleHop ‘n Cuddle Bunny. I of course named her Flip Flop and had her hopping around the kitchen. She comes with batteries and acts like a pet bunny for your munchkin. She’ll hop in a circle, sniff and when she’s idle for a minute she’ll even go to sleep until playtime resumes.

2. My Little Pony Littlest So Soft Cottonbelle. Ok, this one I let keep her name. Hasbro My Little Pony Cottonbelle I grew up with My Little Pony and they are so cute! She comes with accessories and can be cradled and babied by your little one. I do love the simply sweet toys sometimes…says the girl who has a rather large toy collection herself to this day ;).

3. For those Angry Birds fans (aka ‘Ang-gee birds) we have some fun treats too. The Star Wars Angry Birds have been incredibly popular and there are two options here that will make the little ones ecstatic on Easter morning.

Hasbro Star Wars Angry BirdsWe have the larger Power Battlers (age 4 and up) so this can qualify as the bigger in size gift. You simply pull back and watch ’em go! Or Hasbro have come up with these lovely little grab bags containing  smaller Angry Birds. These ones are definitely smaller so are age 5 and up. I love these little bags, they remind me of when I used to collect stickers or cards as a kid, the perfect basket addition or even potential loot bag item for parties! See, Nonmom’s know stuff too! 😉

4. Another of my recent favourites, Beyblade. I still have a lot to learn on these ones admittedly, but now they are getting even more advanced than I knew. Hasbro Beyblade Spark

These ones are have ‘Spark’ so are brighter in colour and some even have holographs on them. They are more customizable than before and come in attack and defense styles. I really really like Beyblades, but they are definitely for the slightly older kids as there is assembly required (part of the fun) and have smaller pieces etc.

5. Littlest Pet Shop ‘Hide and Sweet’. Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Hide & Sweet

Again, a perfect way to offset the extra sugar that the kids don’t really need, is including a few toys and these ones are adorable for the season as they hide in their favourite treats! So thy still get the treat, but it’s got a Littlest Pet Shop Pet in it…and well, it’s not edible LOL. LPS is incredibly popular and aren’t just a small toy, they have their own world and community online so they take the classic toy and pair it with the new tech so you get the best of both worlds.

6. Last but not least. For the family, why not a fun game? Where’s my Water? from the Disney app is fun for everyone. It comes with a fun board reminiscent of a certain game on a game show where price guessing comes into play? You drop marbles into courses designed by the cards you choose and hope you get the water in the bath for the gator. If you get your water marble in you get the card, when you get 3 cards, you win. I am all over this. Hasbro Disney Where's My Water?Holidays really are supposed to be for family time and you know how I love spending time with board games.

Adding a toy or two to the basket instead of having quite so many sugary treats is something I really like. The Easter egg hunt is all about adventure and going on a mission to find treats…well there’s no firm rule it has to be all chocolate is there? I think a mix, or, for kids who may be sensitive or have allergies, arranging with EB for some Play-Doh eggs or simply having a mix of toys, and most importantly, fun family memory making time, would make the time spent just as fun.

I am beyond looking forward to the hunt here in a few days and EB and I are frantically finalizing our plan so he gets enough rest for the big day and I don’t wear him out. He’s got a big job ahead of him! I’ll let you know how it goes…I am counting down!

Happy Easter!


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