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Spring Cleaning Tips from a Housekeeper!

As you know I have started my spring cleaning, but I’ve hit an impasse and I need to get motivated again so when I was sent these amazing tips from Care.com I got excited again. I also wanted to share them with all of you as I know I cannot possibly be the only one who needs to stay on top of this stuff. I love how it is all broken down into logical steps and progression and I am definitely implementing these steps in my ‘Take back my house!’ initiative :).

Enjoy & happy tidying!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Top tips from housekeepers with 20 years worth of housekeeping knowledge  from Care.com
1.       Take It Slow
Spread the job out; it doesn’t all have to be accomplished in one afternoon. Schedule a week or a couple of weekends to complete spring cleaning. Break the tasks up into small chunks of time to make it more manageable and to decrease the chances of ending up tired and quitting before the job is finished. To be more productive, consider hiring a babysitter to get the kids out of the house for an afternoon.
2.       Make a Room-by-Room List
Go around the house and make a list of jobs for each room. Then number each task by priority for every room. Don’t focus on frequent tasks like laundry, but tackle more intense work on your list that you usually avoid or do once a year by marking those as number one on your list.
3.       Prioritize Your Tasks
First determine your priorities. Is it scrubbing the bathroom from top to bottom, getting rid of items you never use or organizing shelves? It’s important not to forget the following deep cleaning tasks and put them on the top of your checklist.
·         Pull out all appliances and clean behind and under them
·         Clean the fridge, including dusting the coils, defrosting the freezer and scrubbing all shelves and compartments
·         Clean inside the stove
·         Vacuum and flip mattresses
·         Clean pillows and comforters
·         Wash all windows and clean window sills and hardware
·         Clean drapes and blinds
·         Wipe and dust walls and ceilings
·         Organize closets
·         Vacuum behind and under furniture and flip all cushions
·         Deep clean your child’s playroom
·         Empty, clean and reorganize shelves and bookcases
·         Change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
·         Clean outdoor furniture
·         Wash off patio, deck, driveway and any outside areas
4.       Inventory Cleaning Supplies
Now you know what needs to get done, make sure you have the right tools. Go through your to-do list and cleaning products to make sure you have everything you’ll need. Make a trip to the store to replenish expired or almost empty products. This will save you time and frustration.
5.       Try Green
Why not consider green cleaning products? While re-stocking your cleaning supplies think about giving environmentally-friendly products a try or as you go through your to-do list, think about how you can clean without using chemicals.
6.       Give Away What you Don’t Use
Spring cleaning is the perfect time to sort through toys, clothing, electronics and sporting goods. If you haven’t used something in the past year then consider donating to local groups or organizations. As you clean a room, remove and box up items you no longer use. Then put the boxes directly into your car once they’re filled to ensure you get them out of the house. This way you’ll have less to clean next year.
7.       Be Realistic
Don’t expect to complete everything on your list. Focus on getting the first items checked off then move on to the next when you have time. Post the list on the fridge so it’s harder to ignore.
8.       Consider Professional Help

Do you feel that your list is more than you can handle? Does your busy schedule or finicky baby make it difficult to find time to clean? Sometimes you can’t do it all yourself. Instead of putting off spring cleaning, consider hiring help from a housekeeper through a site like Care.com.


One Response

  1. Love these tips 🙂 I had to reorganize and reprioritize when we moved to our new place. It is twice the size and twice the work. Lol.

    My favorite tip is to be realistic. It’s okay not to have the house house spotless. It’s a balance. I always ask myself what will make me the most fulfilled by the end of the day. Normally that means that I spend the time playing with Eli 🙂

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