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Interview with Katie Bugbee of Care.com

Going with our theme of spring cleaning I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview Katie Bugbee of Care.com about cleaning, tidying and staying on top of the chaos.


A: I love your first point about taking it slow and I have tried to do that as I start my spring cleaning this year. My problem, and I’m sure others have the same one, is that I get stuck and just don’t know what the next step is. What is your advice for getting over that? Start a new room? Take a walk?

K: Yes, getting stuck is inevitable. But just shake it off. Open a window and get some air. Change the music playlist, make some lemonade. Even running up and down the stairs can get your energy back up so you can get excited for the task again. If you are doing something like painting, and it needs to dry, a nice walk is a great way to recharge while you wait. But otherwise, I wouldn’t let too much time sneak in between your tasks, or you’ll get distracted. Believe it or not, there is a lot more fun out there than cleaning!

A: I look in magazines and I see these wonderfully perfect and clean homes and get jealous. Whenever I get mine even close to that it takes a matter of hours for it to get messed up again. What is your strategy for dealing with the everyday clutter and how do you keep it under control to keep neat surfaces?

K: I’m the same way. I have major house envy. Just remember, those houses have been perfectly staged. They have stylists who get paid to make it look perfect. If you had one of those, your house would be perfect too! As for in between cleanings, it’s always going to feel messy after your hard work. I get my house cleaned by a housekeeper every other Friday morning. And when I walk in at noon, with my two kids in tow, it takes about two hours until it’s in shambles again. But I have to remember: It seems like shambles to me. The kitchen inevitably gets “lived in” but the bathrooms are still scrubbed and spotless, the sheets have been changed and washed, the furniture has been dusted. The rugs have been vacuumed. Now, when guests come, all I have to do is hide those “enviable” catalogues I love and hate looking at in the pantry and wipe down the kitchen counter tops.

A:  I too try to go green where I can it took almost a box full of baking soda and a lot of vinegar but I do have my bathroom sink draining properly again, so what is your favourite green alternative that works better than the less green product available?

K: I have the same issue with my bathroom sink right now! I hear the ¼ cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar works. Then flush with boiling water. Repeat. But if it’s not working, plunge. It will loosen the clog. Then you can flush again with boiling water. But sometimes you have to go with the hard stuff…and then use preventative measures, like a hair catcher and a quarterly green treatment to soften the clogs that might be forming.

A:  Pets. I have two wonderful and amazing cats. They are my kids really and truly. Sadly though, in spring they shed. We have gone through a couple of vacuums over the years because of this. What is your advice for pet parents to keep on top of the spring shedding? How do you get it off furniture and drapes?

K: You’re going to want to have a professional company come in and clean your couch once a quarter, or at least every six months. Then you can send your drapes to the dry cleaner. This will preserve the life of your nice stuff.

A: Since a lot of my readers are moms, what is your advice for dealing with toy clutter? How do you advise going through the toys and deciding which to keep and which need to find new homes?

K: You know what your kids are playing with, and what they’re not. Every six months, go through (preferably with them, but realistically when they are sleeping) and decide what can be donated and what should be thrown out. Then create a new organization system of bins. I usually end up doing this right after their birthdays (in the summer) and Christmas when we get tons of new toys.

A: Boxes and jars and baggies, oh my! What is your advice for organizing those in the kitchen?
K: I get overwhelmed with all those grocery store plastic bags myself. I try to line bathroom trash cans with them, but leave some spares under each bag, so the next bag is always at-the-ready on trash collection day.

That’s a great solution. I also have a whole drawer in my pantry designated for lunch, snack and storage baggies, and tin foil, saran wrap, wax and parchment paper.

A:  What is your number one housekeeping piece of advice that anyone can benefit from?

Outsource whatever you can. Your life is hectic and busy and there is so much more you can be doing with your friends or family. If you don’t like certain aspects of cleaning, see what you can hire someone else to do – even if it’s only on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Some great ideas and tips for sure! Thanks Katie!!!


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  1. loving your spring cleaning series ❤

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