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Mission Reclaim the House Update

You’ve no doubt noticed a trend in my posts lately and that they’re about my spring cleaning efforts. The reason is two-fold.

1. It is according to the calendar anyway, apparently spring

2. I need a way to make myself accountable and actually really get this done

My happy little townhouse was once spotless (well, for the most part) and also clutter-free.

Then I met my hubby, sorry dear, and then my parents and his mom both downsized at roughly the same time. We had a fully furnished place, now we have too much and I have been paring it down for several years. It has been a very hard process and I reached my breaking point this year. I simply cannot take it anymore and that’s it it has to be finished so I can move forward again. I keep getting stuck, but I find by taking a breather (as mentioned in a previous post below) I am able to re-focus and make serious progress.

Having certain deadlines also helps. This week I have the Diabetes Clothesline program coming on Thursday morning so on the weekend I tripled my efforts so that I can get as much out to them as possible. It’s good stuff in a lot of cases, and I would rather see benefit than waste from it so that’s why I donate.

This weekend’s tasks completed included:

  • Having our friend pick up the extra serving ware I had for his new place
  • Dusting done
  • Vaccuuming done
  • 2 bathrooms cleaned (the third is my temporary space for all of the stuff that is going this week)
  • Kitchen cupboards, floor, stove and small appliances wiped down. I have now got tea towels covering my coveted KitchenAid Mixer (I call her Mixie LOL) and my breadmaker to avoid build up of dust etc. when not in use.
  • Clothes sorted by hubby from pile I made for him and he also sorted his magazines (let’s just say the recycling guys are going to do a double-take this week at how many bins we fill)
  • Drapes in master bedroom mostly de-furred (the joys of white cats and dark blue drapes). I discovered that with a damp sponge, a bag and a whole lot of patience that you can get them clean again.

Am I done yet? Nope. But does the house look and actually feel better? You bet!
 How goes your efforts?


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