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Attention #Migraine Sufferers!

Did you know it’s almost Migraine Awareness Month? I found out about it, oddly enough, the day my head was throbbing because of the wacky temperature changes so I wanted to learn more about ways to hopefully cut down on this. I also know a lot of friends and colleagues who suffer from them and actually, there seem to be more and more of them.
There is an event taking place tomorrow night if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, at the Silvercity at Yorkdale (May 1st). Click here for details.
Migraine’s can be seriously debilitating and excruciating. They are serious business and do impact life in ways you may not be aware of….hence awareness month!
Read on, learn on…and be aware…my head throbs too and it is not fun!
TORONTO, April 23, 2013 — If you’ve ever had a splitting headache, and most of us have, then you know how unbearable the pain can be. Lying down in a dark, quiet room is often all you can bear. Thankfully, headaches like these are seldom for most, but for Canadians suffering with Chronic Migraine, they are far too regular and can make managing life’s most common and joyous events a struggle.
In fact, a new survey of Canadians with Chronic Migraine shows that more than 60 per cent miss or adjust their daily routine because of a migraine or headache at least once a week. And, in the last year, over 80 per cent of respondents said that they have missed an important event, including a family function, work function and even vacation! Leger Marketing, National Survey of Chronic Migraine Patients, 2013.
To increase awareness of Chronic Migraine, Headache Network Canada is hosting a “Chronic Migraine Friendly Zone” that features an information session about Chronic Migraine followed by a special screening at SilverCity Yorkdale that will remove many of the migraine triggers that cause 73 per cent of patients to avoid going to the movies.i The event includes a showing of The Big Wedding (starring Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro), and attendees will learn more about Chronic Migraine from Dr. Gary Shapero, one of Canada’s leading headache and migraine specialists, as well as a representative from Headache Network Canada.
Chronic Migraine is a distinct neurological disorder that according to the survey forces 60 per cent of sufferers to live with headaches for at least 20 days every month.i It is estimated that 370,000 adult Canadians suffer from Chronic Migraine, Statistics Canada. 2011 Census of Canada: Topic-based tabulations. Accessed February 12, 2013.Natoli JL et al. Global Prevalence of Chronic Migraine: A Systematic Review. Cephalalgia. 2010 May;30(5):599-609. but approximately 80 per cent of those who meet the definition of the disease have not received an accurate diagnosis.Bigal ME, et al. Chronic Migraine in the Population. Neurology. 2008;71:559-566.
More information about Chronic Migraine and the “Chronic Migraine Friendly Zone” event can be found below and at www.mychronicmigraine.ca

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