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Review: New G.I.Joe Retaliation Toys from #Hasbro

I am slow on getting this done, but I assure you, the toys are pretty darn cool!

G.I. Joe is back, and even as a girl, I loved the show and toys as a kid. It might have had something to do with the fact that the lady who took care of my sister and I had three boys and we played with their toys, but I really had so much fun with them and I love that this franchise has continued. I now have the original theme song in my head playing over and over as I type this you should know LOL.

What is a Nonmom to do when asked to check these out…well, she enlists first her husband (he was partial to the mask LOL) and then a younger friend who became her ‘experts’.Hasbro GI Joe

Here’s what Aeden had to say about the line:

Snake Eyes Mask:  For the snake eyes mask I like how Hasbro followed the design of the mask like in the movie. I also like how it’s only the front of the mask not all away around. I wish that the mask could have come with sounds or a felt backing to make it more comfortable. Overall I like the mask.

Cobra Commander: For the Cobra Commander I like how it comes in a separate box and I also like how the Cobra Staff can add an cobra on top and how it shoots a missile. On Cobra Commander himself I like all the detail that went into the toy and into the weapons. There is nothing really I don’t like about this toy.

Ninja Speed Cycle: For the Ninja Speed Cycle I like the overall look of the cycle. I also like all the detail into some spots where barely anyone would look. I like how the missile fires and how extra stuff can be added on. I wish Hasbro would make it turn as it goes though.

Micro Force Five Pack: For the five pack I like how there can be multiple combinations with the pack. I also like how you can see all the characters in the pack. I wish the characters were a bit bigger and I think that there should be a bigger pack.

Micro Force Two Pack: For the Micro Force two pack I like how there could be many combinations but I would have liked to have seen the package in plastic because I would like to see the figures I’m getting. I wish that there was jumbo pack of the two pack for a mystery collection. On the other hand I do like the design of the figures and I appreciate how much detail and time went into these toys. ***Nonmom note: These small packs immediately screamed ‘loot bags’ at me. Love them for that or road trips.***

Hasbro Ninja Cycle GI JoeHasbro GI Joe Micro ForceHasbro GI Joe Micro Force

Nonmom’s take on the line overall is that it’s very cool how Hasbro has updated it, but it’s still very much the G.I. Joe I remember. I love that there is adaptability for the different age groups too with Micro Force and then the bigger figures for different levels of play. The level of detail never ceases to amaze me. I look at some of the toys I used to play with (yes I’ve kept a lot from my childhood) and the details are so much more in-depth now.

I’m also a fan of how you can get packages in different sizes for the Micro Force in particular. The larger pack can be for say, a birthday present, and the little packs for a treat after a good report or test at school or a big win in sports etc.

Check ’em out!


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