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Review: Kre-O Enterprise from Hasbro

Hasbro Kre-O Enterprise Star TrekOk, not a surprise to those who know me, but yes, I am a huge fan of Star Trek. My friend got me hooked in middle-school and I’ve loved it ever since.

Hubby is a fan too (recipe for a good marriage? LOL) and we were the people who went multiple times to the exhibit in Vegas and I was the one texting frantically to my friends back home that I was being served dinner by a Klingon under the Enterprise and had picked up a Tribble to bring home (thankfully it behaved going through airport security too….that would have been fun to explain LOL).

My wonderful friends who I adore at Hasbro let me know that their creatives had come up with a Kre-O construction set for the Enterprise based on the new movie (that I’m still dying to see…love Benedict Cumberbatch) and I did literally jump with excitement.

I jumped and screeched again when the box arrived. Hubby was slightly hyper too.

Then the BBM’ing, FB posting and of course construction began. I had a running commentary going for a few friends (Chris & Greg) on my BBM which was far too much fun let me tell you..

Hasbro Enterprise Kre-O Star Trek

I learned quickly that my hubby is a construction set geek with his own code for building…it was quite the discovery too. He asked me for a ‘flat six’ and I paused and stared at him to explain. I was taught quickly and he just went to town on the set. I assembled the Kreons. FAR TOO CUTE! My only thing is, and hubby agreed, we need a ‘red shirt’ Kreon, the search for one is on.

Hubby grabbed the instruction booklet, and this set is for age 9-14, and the diagrams were great and easy to follow and the ship came together pretty quickly overall. It even has lights! Of course I was hyper about that too. Hubby did the dish section, I did the top of the dish and the Kreons and then I finished the nascelles.

The level of detail on the ship, right down to the actual pieces used to build it, is awesome. We were very impressed.

Hasbro Kre-O Enterprise Star Trek

I was also very impressed at the price point for it at about $80. That’s not bad when you look at the prices of other sets for equivalent in popularity ships/themes. And the carrying case is also handy. I’m about the details, and I like that.

If you have a munchkin who loves to build, or a hubby like I do (and I know there are a few cause they all found out I had the set and wanted to take it home with them LOL), this is a great one to assemble and treasure.

Oh! And it also shoots a missile. Tee hee!

Live long and prosper!


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