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Review: New Huggies Designer Wipes & Snug & Dry Diapers

Recently I was offered the chance to try out some new stuff for Huggies. Being a Nonmom, I enlisted some help on the diaper-side with my willing volunteer, Miss Abbi. She was eager to get into blogging so I thought I’d give her a shot ;).


Frankly I think she did a great job and even enlisted her awesome mommy to help her write up her report:

“The wipes are great! The new design of the container makes it much nicer to have in our living space and we use it a lot after meal time!

The diapers were working out great until last night! Abbi is a stomach sleeper and leaked through the diaper in under 12 hours. This happened to us before with Huggies diapers so we moved from sz 2 to sz 3 for overnights, which is what these samples were and the pee was all over her sleeper.  What I do like about them are the super stretchy leg holes and waist band. Also love the new Velcro tabs, much bigger and easier to fasten…They are great during the day! Another thing I love about the wipes are the rubberized ends so when I go to pull out a wipe the container stays put.”

I too tried out the wipes, yes Nonmom’s can find uses for them too. I use them for cleaning up spills etc as they are non-toxic and found these really durable for even hard scrubbing. That’s important to me as I want my money’s worth on items like these and I definitely was impressed with that. The new containers are definitely stylish and like Abbi’s mom, I agree, the rubberized ends are a definite bonus. I do not worry about leaving the container out either as it really does blend in and look nice.

Abbi seems to approve, except for her night-time sleeps, and could I have picked a cuter tester? Huggies2




One Response

  1. Eli always leaked through Huggies Diapers 😦 But I ADORE their wipes. They are my preference. And I use them for everything too 🙂

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