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Race Reports

I have been running a marathon with my schedule the past 2-3 weeks, and last week I had two races….which didn’t come to totalling a marathon, but sure felt like it!

On Monday something I had been debating I finally committed to, I signed up for the Barrie Waterfront 10K race on Father’s Day. While that is significant, what is also noteworthy, is that I had a 5K race booked for Thursday in Toronto…the Rat Race.

I had a peek at the weather report before booking Barrie and it looked like it was going to be great…then the reports started to change. Thursday was looking abysmal and Sunday kept looking worse and worse too. I decided to keep my head up, tweet my bud @YGeekquinox for the latest updates, and go for it.

Thursday it actually stayed relatively dry…right up until it was time to head downtown that is. Oh well, my darling friend Laural kept me smiling and confident and down we drove. Ok, now the especially amusing part: we were looking for parking and decided we better turn before we got too far North on Bay. Lo and behold we see a sign for parking for $15…in Toronto…at the Trump hotel. We drove in and I pulled up to one of the staff and asked where to go for the parking….and he informed us it was VALET!!!! I have now been spoiled and want to do more races where they offer valet LOL. Well, it was exciting for us that’s for sure.

We geared up, checked everything out and then lined up. Laural has done this race before so I made sure I listened to her. The rain had not stopped when we lined up and then there was a delay so we got umm, damp, but it was ok, eventually we got going and off we went! I had pre-decided to run at least part of this race so I started running and kept to the right as I know I’m slower than the elites (also something Laural taught me about racing courtesy is to stick to the right so the faster peeps can go on the left). I got to University and after turning the corner I decided to walk as it was slightly uphill and I really really really wanted to cross the finish line running. I finally caught Laural and literally the moment she passed me I started running again. And the I surprised myself…I kept going…me! I ran the rest of the race! And I even poured it on for the finish! Seeing my friends at the end cheering me on was such a great moment and I am still so proud of it! My goal: break that pesky 40 minute mark that has been plaguing me. How’d I do? I kicked butt! My chip time was 39 (but the distance was off) so according to my Garmin watch (I love my FR10), I was 35:36! WOW!!!!!!

I celebrated with a massive mug o’ water and fries at the Trump Bar, cause that’s what you do right? 😉

RatRace1RatRace2 I felt great post-race (albeit damp) and then the pressure was back on for Barrie coming up on Sunday. I made sure I did my pre and post-race stretches as directed by the awesome Dr. Jenn, and did a walk on Friday night before taking Saturday as a rest day.

I was monitoring the weather pretty closely as they were actually calling for thunderstorms…conveniently enough right in time for the race too LOL. I’m very lucky to have some amazing friends in Wasaga so when hubby got home on Saturday, and after a brief stop at the Disney Store and Lululemon (I let him go to Bass Pro so he was happy too) and dinner where I got  my fave wrap and fries (I have a thing for fries pre and post race apparently) we were at their place and I was still hydrating.

I decided ahead of time that if there was lightning and it was severe rain (which is common in that area, I know, I grew up boating there) I’d skip it. And I was fine with that. But on the way there it really wasn’t THAT bad. Rain yes, but not TOO bad. I had my pre-made peanut butter sandwich, banana and grabbed a tea biscuit en route for extra carbs. I’m glad I did too. Came in handy.

Pre-race & dry :)

Pre-race & dry 🙂

Hubby dropped me off and I told him to stay in the car because I didn’t want him getting soaked too. I was going to do this. Weather be darned.

I somehow wound up at the very front of the start for the 10k which was definitely intimidating, but I set my watch and got ready. There was a 5 minute delay in starting but soon enough the horn blew and off we went.

Again I knew to stick to the right since I was planning on walking a decent chunk of this race too. I watched as I got passed….a lot…which was a bit hard to take, and the rain wasn’t helping either. I actually debated turning back and just doing 5K but I knew I had to do this (plus my updates were going on FB so I didn’t want to be seen as a quitter) so puddles and waterfalls be darned, I kept going. I walked up the hills so I could run down them on the way back. I learned quickly that moisture wicking fabric has limits and my arms and shoulders in particular were really weighing me down and tiring me out…but I kept pushing…I wanted this 10K to result in a good time. I focused on MY performance and ignored everyone else’s and that helped a lot. I tried to keep smiling and pushing and when I got to the end and heard my name announced as I crossed the line and got my medal I was exhausted, soaked right through but happy. I had done it. My goal: 1:20. My result: a second PB in 3 days, 1:16!

What have I learned? Wear less layers in the rain as they weigh you down big time, I swear when I got changed my stuff weighed close to 10 lbs of extra I was carrying, keep your head up, push, and you will be amazed what you can accomplish.

Running in the rain? Check. Running in semi-monsoon conditions, check and check again. Running in a hurricane….I think I’ll pass ;). But don’t let the weather get you down…you’d be amazed what you can accomplish. Me? RUNNING? I did it. And if you don’t think you can, I assure you, you CAN. Go for it!

Post-race back home and drying out. Worth it: You BET!

Post-race back home and drying out. Worth it: You BET!


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