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Interview: Allergies & Chronic Sinusitis Part 2

I know my allergies have been ridiculous lately and really do affect my level of activity and in some ways, my job, as my itchy watery eyes and sniffling interrupt my days. I can only imagine what chronic sinusitis sufferers go through and that’s why I’m doing these posts, to help spread the word and make people more aware. 🙂

And now for Part 2 of my little mini-series on allergies and chronic sinusitis, an interview with Brenda who is a patient of Dr. Vescan and has had the procedure we talked about in part 1.


  1. When did your allergy symptoms first appear or has this been life-long?

My allergy symptoms have been life-long but my sinus problems really manifested themselves within the last 20 years. Within the last ten years, they worsened significantly – I experienced constant pressure, pain, and recurring sinus infections.

  1. When did you know that your situation warranted further steps?

I knew I needed help when it got to the point that I was waking up every morning with painful pressure in my head and complete sinus blockage. I knew I had an issue that was not going away and, in fact, was getting worse.

My sinusitis had become the predominant problem, as opposed to my allergies, and my allergy specialist, suspecting additional problems, referred me to Dr. Vescan. I then had a CAT scan that showed complete blockage of the sinus passages – my sinuses weren’t draining properly.

  1. What symptoms do you deal with? What are your triggers? (i.e. Spring blooms, grass)

I suffer from allergies 365 days of the year. I’m allergic to cats, dust, and a few other things, and I am affected by seasonal allergies as well. I was taking allergy medication every day, and because I didn’t believe that medication was the long-term solution, I started getting immunized for my allergies.

Between the sinusitis and the allergies, my main symptoms were pain and pressure throughout my face and head, recurring sinus infections and congestion.

  1. How did you decide to try out the new procedure?

I really didn’t consider the conventional surgery for a variety of reasons – I did not want to wait for a hospital-based procedure. Dr. Vescan knew my concerns and recommended the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure. The details of the procedure made more sense to me than those of conventional surgery, and I could have BSP sooner with less recovery time and pain.

  1. How has life changed for you with the new treatment?

Before BSP, I could feel the pressure start to build in my head as soon as I got into bed at night. I would get up in the morning only because the pain was unbearable, not because my alarm had gone off.

The difference is like night and day – I can’t believe I waited so long before deciding to have the procedure. I wake up every morning breathing clearly – no longer in pain, no longer in a fog. It’s truly life-changing, and I’m so grateful to Dr. Vescan. It’s important for people to know that there is a solution.

For more information visit www.MySinus.ca.


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