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A Perfect If Belated, Anniversary and at the Toronto Zoo Too!

This July was our 5th Wedding Anniversary…but on the actual day we were unable to celebrate due to both of us being tied up with work and the Indy race. I was saying I was ok with this, but honestly I was a little down about it. I did tell hubby that and he did get it. So he called me on the Monday at work and had an idea for us. We would go to one of our favourite places, The Toronto Zoo followed by dinner at the golf club we got married at. Perfection.

We checked the opening times of the zoo as we really were looking forward to seeing the Panda’s Er-Shun and Da Mao who have nicely settled in for their visit, and managed to arrive, as planned, right on time. We decided to renew our membership while there and then walked in and headed for the Panda’s!

Panda Experience Toronto Zoo

It’s a great exhibit that you want through first which showed us things like how much they eat and how picky they are about their food. The volunteers on-site were fantastic and enthusiastic and I got wrapped up in the Panda-monium (you knew I had to get one pun in didn’t you? LOL) and then we were outside and lined up to see them!

One of the workers announced that both Panda’s were still sleeping, and that there was no line to see Da Mao who was outside (apparently they keep them separate which I learned) so we moved to see him. Oh my! What a cutie-pie!!! He was still sleeping too, but started to stretch and yawn and reposition himself. And, amusingly enough, we got to see him poop, LOL, sure, the first time I see a Panda and that happens. We all giggled, so did the zoo worker who was giving the commentary and background on the pair.

Da Mao Panda Toronto Zoo

It was so great to see Da Mao, what an experience! But there is so much more at the zoo that we love too so off we went. The weather could not have been more perfect and hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We even had lunch (yay they had a veggie burger!) in the shade with a view of the white Rhino.

We saw the polar bears, we think it was Hudson who was chowing down in the water, the white lions (gorgeous) and my two faves: the King Julian’s (aka the Lemur’s) and the Meerkats. We also saw the hippo who was chillin’ under the water, as a hippo should do while celebrating their 40th birthday which happened to be that day. Oh my and the penguins! Love those guys! And the giraffe’s! Oh my! We had such a lovely day and will be going back again soon.

Next up we got home and both of us crashed out and had a nap before our dinner date. I had managed to arrange for a replica of our wedding cake to be made and had snuck it up to the club the day before and had made sure that I mentioned I wanted to have dessert that night in the hopes that hubby would save room too.

After we finished up our yummy dinner, I saved part of mine so I’d have room for dessert, the cake arrived. Hubby was indeed surprised, the huge smile gave him away, and it was perfect and delectable too!Thanks to Cakes By Kim Smith for the delectable treat!

Anniversary Cake

Sometimes it really is the simple things that make us smile and make our days.For us, yes, we would have loved to have gone through with our plan to go away for the weekend, but a day just spent together and enjoying something we both love, seeing the animals and taking pictures and the having a lovely meal and treat was enough. And perfect.


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