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Why I Love the Royals

I love the Royals. I really do. I have been positively hyper about wee Prince Cambridge and oh my, what a cutie!

The new generation of Royals are really changing things and I can see, and indeed am joining in, in the enthusiasm for this ‘new’ monarchy.

Obviously we’ve all noticed the re-ignition that came with Will and Kate, but you can also see it in how the other Royals are conducting themselves. An event that really stood out for me was the concert in the park for the Jubillee last year. In the past whenever you saw the Royals at an event they were seated neatly and properly. However, it seemed that every time the camera panned to the Royal box you saw either Wills, Kate or Harry dancing and singing along or even Sophie and Beatrice and Eugenie doing the same. It was great! These shots made them so much more ‘real’ to me and I’m sure to others too.

They’ve really upped their approachability skills in recent years, as has the Queen herself, and I can clearly see that while they were on a path to becoming irrelevant, the focus and enthusiasm they have brought to events and causes and the more down to earth approach, is paying off and re-igniting the love for the monarchy. This really did begin with Diana and her causes and the passion she brought to them. This is not to say that the other Royals haven’t been helping out too, but she really thrust it into the spotlight I think and the new generation are taking the bull by the horns and running with it.

I love that the smiles seem more genuine, the lifestyle seems more approachable (and yes Kate has indeed helped that along with her high street shopping choices) and indeed they seem, as a whole, more ‘real’.

I know a lot of people are against the Monarchy, but I genuinely love having it. I do love that we have that tradition and I love being a part of it (obviously as an outsider, though I do aspire to own a tiara at some point, it’ll be faux, but I’m fine with that as long as it sparkles!), it’s part of my heritage.

With this in mind, I more than enthusiastically send my congrats to the Cambridge family (and that includes fur-brother Lupo too!) and can hardly wait to see what is next for them and the family as a whole.

P.S. Yes, I was indeed ‘that girl’ who has multiple twitter and video feeds going awaiting the birth as well as having an International network set up for important alerts and messages. It was a blast! And really, we all need some positivity sometimes, and this made my week for sure :).



2 Responses

  1. I feel very strongly that someday you will have your own tiara. 🙂

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