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Nonmom’s Wacky ‘Summer’ Updates

It really has been a wacky summer hasn’t it? It cannot possibly be just me who has noticed it either.

Every time I have sat down to write a post something else has literally popped up and I’ve had to abandon it. Nuttiness I tell you! Nuttiness!

So, how does  a Nonmom spend her summer? I don’t have kids, as the name implies, but I still manage to fill my days I assure you. Plus, I try to borrow my friends kids when I can, which is always fun. 🙂

Well this Nonmom has been working her tush off these past two months, but has still managed to have a little fun.

I have learned that Staycations, or mini-getaways can indeed stave off the need for a proper long holiday, especially if you can take a couple of them. What did these mean for me?

  •  Volunteering at the Honda Indy Toronto (loooooong days, but actually a lot of fun so I’m counting it).
  • A trip to see friends and shop which was needed, awesome and perfect.
  • A special anniversary daytrip to the Toronto Zoo where I got to see a Panda! Followed by a lovely dinner at the venue we got married at 5 years ago.
  • A visit to Kempenfest in Barrie, Ontario
  • An afternoon at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton

These little breaks thrown into a full-schedule have kept my sanity from entirely escaping, and while I do still envy those who have been able to take a week or two off, I’m managing with the knowledge that my turn will come probably in the new year (with one more quick mini-break being potentially on the calendar this fall, fingers crossed).

And now we are into the last week of August, the kids go back next week (at least where I live), and I cannot believe how it has flown by.

What kind of summer have you had? Did you ‘Staycate’ or ‘Vacate’?


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