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Race Week is Here & I’m a Nervous Wreck

Yup, the countdown is really truly seriously on now. My next race is a mere 7 days away (well, less now) and my nerves are already setting in. Of course that could also be something to do with the fact I’m not sleeping well at the moment, but I think a lot is nerves for sure.

On the weekend I did a practice run/walk along the route with my BFF and it went well with the exception being that I didn’t hydrate enough (my nemesis) and I’m still in recovery-mode from that as I type actually. Doing the route definitely helped me because now I have a visual of what I’m going to be doing, I need that, it really helps me focus. Even with it being a practice we shaved off almost 4 minutes from the last race we did together back in the spring. I was pleased with that.

Frustratingly, my shoes are done. Yeah. A week before the race. Ok, they could probably last one more week, but even with my brand-new insoles in them, I admit, my legs took a bit of abuse on the weekend and since I still have a little bit more training needed this week, I think I may be picking up new ones asap.

But on a bright note, my Garmin watch (I love this toy, it’s my fave thing) performed perfectly, so did my Sparkle Skirt (I did  a full-gear check, I don’t like surprises) and I know I am NOT carrying a big bottle the whole run, that was a pain. I’ll set up for hubby to be my water-guy (I’ve even scouted a spot for him) and everything will rock.

10k, totally doable.

Now to keep pre-hydrating…..

Happy Monday all!


2 Responses

  1. Rock it out, girlfriend!!! You got this 🙂 We’re cheering you on from Texas 🙂

  2. Oh geez! You’re in a way better place than me. I’m tired, untrained and have to travel this week. A half marathon you say? Easy peasy. (ha ha.)

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