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Giving Back with Sparks and Sparkles!

For years I have volunteered in some capacity or another and with various groups and I love it.  From racing to the Cancer Society and beyond, I love helping others plain and simple.

For me, I can’t always afford to donate to things in a monetary capacity, but I can and do donate my time where I can. I admit I burnt out with volunteering a few years ago (I overdid it slightly) and had to step back and re-evaulate how to best help out, and now I’m re-energized and re-focused so this year my big volunteer project is a very Nonmom themed one.

Early in the year my darling wonderful BFF Jackie (who knows how much I love to craft) told me her daughter was enrolled in Sparks and invited me out to check it out and help out. I got hooked immediately. I freely admit there are MANY MANY MANY a moment when this Nonmom wishes she had one of her own, so any time I get to spend with kids I cherish and so enjoy.  Jackie laughs I’m sure at how I light up when I see her kids and so do my other friends when I see theirs too. I love munchkin time.

I started the paperwork process as quick as I could to get cleared and signed up to be a Sparks leader this year and I swear it’s one of my best decisions ever. I beyond look forward to the meetings and while intimidated slightly at the beginning, I’m slowly settling into a routine with the girls and the meetings. I get to help the girls learn and grow in positive ways and in a program that I myself went through too and believe strongly in. If I had a daughter (or son), believe me, they’d be in the program.

I get to give back to the community and some amazing girls, and in return I get to smile and indeed, as my leader name indicates: Sparkle!

Girl Guides of Canada Sparks

Do you volunteer? What has been your favourite or most rewarding volunteering experience?


8 Responses

  1. Love it!!

    My volunteer job as a Sunday school teacher has now become my full-time job! 🙂 How fun is that?! 😀

  2. Dear Sparkle
    My Spark name is Sunshine, and indeed I do shine like the sun over the group of Sparks I mentor. I just LOVE it too!! I was in Guiding as a girl, but I came across some pretty negative people along the way and had some terrible experiences as a result. That said, I learned some skills in Guiding that I use on a daily basis, and so I wanted my daughter to have a more positive experience. I started out as a Spark Leader when she joined a few years ago, and thought I would do it until she moved on to Brownies….but lo and behold, she is in Brownies and I am STILL in Sparks and loving it! We have each discovered the world of Guiding in a great, positive way, and are pursuing our separate paths, for I truly believe that Guiding is an individual pathway, and what you get out of it is what you put into it. At the Spark age, they are so enthusiastic and eager, I can’t help but put my whole self into the program to give the girls the best start to Guiding, so that they will want to continue down their own pathway.

    Yours in Guiding,

  3. I am a volunteer with a Brownie group in England and cannot get enough of it! I’m glad you found a way into it. Most get into Guiding through their child’s interest in it but for me it was my Mum’s interest in volunteering at the group I was once a part of.
    I think a rewarding moment for me was getting our unit to the Olympic Stadium last summer to watch the Paralympics. It was the sort of event the girls will remember forever.

  4. Hi Amy, We love this post and wanted to know if you’d permit us to post it to our GirlGuidesCANBlog with links back to your original post and blog itself. Email us at marketing1(@)girlguides.ca to let us know what you think.
    Yours in Guiding,

  5. […] post originally appeared on the blog Everything But the Kid. Thank you Amy for allowing us to share this with our audience! […]

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