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Dating my Husband

Hubby and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in July of this year…well, we had to delay it actually because we both were working and volunteering at an event in Toronto, but we did celebrate it, a week late.

We have both been working ourselves crazy this year and texting each other has become the sad norm. Messages of ‘can you feed the cats?’ or ‘we’re out of milk and bananas’ or ‘will I see you tonight?’ have become routine and just not what I want us to be.

So, we decided on ‘date night’ last Friday night. Both of us were looking very much forward to it and I must say, as I was picking out my outfit I did indeed feel like I was getting ready for a date. I really wanted to look nice for him, and he for me.

It was perfect. We had a lovely dinner out and actually got to talk and see each other. We needed that.

Afterwards we chatted about how lovely everything was (well, I used the word lovely anyway) and we decided that we need to do this more often because our schedules are not getting any lighter anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I am not begrudging work, I am BEYOND grateful for it after having none (both of us) for a long enough spell, but the craziness and unpredictability does indeed take its toll. Date night is now going to be a regular thing. Every month at least, hopefully twice. Not always a fancy dinner out, but something fun where we get to just ‘be’.  Movies, mini-putt, bowling, a walk even, a long as we get to connect.

In other words: we’re going to date each other again.

And I am really looking forward to it.

Do you find the same thing happening to you and your other half? How do you re-connect?


One Response

  1. My husband and I have three kids, 2 cats, full-time jobs that involve evening planning, his work involves travel, plus I am a Spark Leader and drive carpool to dancing, baseball, soccer, diving and play dates. Yup. We’re busy! We make a point of having a ‘state of the union’ every week – a time when we are in our bedroom with the door closed…the kids know the routine…knock if you need us. And we use the time to cuddle only – clothes stay on – and we catch up with each other. The physical closeness and the opportunity to just ‘be’ is something we both really need. Most times we are able to do this on a Sunday morning, and we spend about an hour or two together. We’ll set our alarm, get up and make the bed and get dressed so we are awake and not tempted to go back to sleep! I would far rather have this time with my husband than sleep in!

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