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#Holiday2013 A gift for the budding architect and engineer in your life

I love building sets. I have always loved them. In fact, I still have my original sets from my childhood…plus the set of wooden building blocks we used to play with. In other words, I really need to make a toy box for when the munchkins come over. ;).

I got to check out the fun of blending the digital world with the hands-on with the Kre-O Cityville Invasion set from my friends at Hasbro.

Home sick for a few days, I am truly incapable of sitting still for more than a day so on the morning of day 2 I dove into the box to ‘get my build on’.

Kre-O Cityville Invasion Hasbro K1 K2

Me being me, I started with the Kreons and to my utter delight (cue Nonmom squeeing) one of them is named Amy!!!! Naturally she was completed first and look at her uber-cool little vehicle! Coolness!

This particular kit was rated for ages 7-14 and I was rather proud of myself that it took me about 3 hours to complete. The instruction manual was fantastic with full-colour step-by-step instructions for each component. I think I got stuck once, but then realized I had skipped a step so it was easily remedied.

The set is also unique because it features sonic technology so some of the pieces actually move and there is a sound component too. It’s really quite interactive. The kids (or big kids) not only get a set to build, but once it is built it’s ready for full-on play with characters, vehicles and even a mission to find the treasure.

I had a great time building it and I know that the little builder in your life will too.


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