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#Giving back at the Holidays with Save the Children

As you’ve seen from some of my previous posts, I do try to give back in some capacity whether it be goods or my time. I really love helping others, genuinely, and as a bonus, it makes me smile to know others are smiling because of something I said or did.

There are a few areas of giving that particularly warm my heart. One being children in need and the other, animals in need.

Today I’m going to focus on helping children in need. I don’t have any kids as the name implies, but few things warm my heart as much as seeing them smile.  My new friends at Save the Children Canada sent me info about this lovely Soft Toys for Education campaign that they are running along with IKEA Canada until January 4, 2014.

“For each soft toy and children’s book sold during the campaign period, the IKEA Foundation will donate one Euro ($1.43 CAD) to UNICEF and Save the Children to support quality education programmes for children living in poverty in developing countries.

Since the campaign started in 2003, donations worldwide have totalled €57 million, or over CAD$80 million, helping more than 10 million children in 46 countries to enjoy their right to a quality education.”
I can personally attest to the difference a soft toy can make in a child’s life. These toys (and the books too) become cherished comfort for kids, something they can hold on to and smile about. To this day I have my hippo stuffed toy (Feo) I got when I was a baby as well as my Alf doll (Gordon) and my hubby is fully aware that these are cherished and not to be teased about. When I’m sick, I grab them. When I’ve had an awful day or something truly heart-breaking has happened, I need them.
Children need so many things, that’s for absolute sure, but they also need comfort and security, and a soft toy or book really can do that. IKEA working with Save the  Children and their soft toys is an affordable way to help others and I must say, they have some pretty cute toys! My darling nephew has about 6 soft puppy toys (spares were purchased), his name is Puppy aptly enough, that instantly make him cheer up, it’s magic.
If you want to do something different, but something that will make an impact, this is a purchase and act to consider for the holidays for sure.

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