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#Holiday2013 Elmo and Elefun from Hasbro!

I am totally a kid at the holidays, I really am, and I just adore playing with the toys…in fact I spent a good half an hour last year assembling a giant Mr. Potato Head with my nephew. It rocked. More on the Potato to come in another post….but here are two toys for the little ones that really stood out to me.

First up is Potty Time Elmo. I know, I don’t have kids, but this year in particular I have had a lot of friends who are going through potty training with their little ones and it’s been a challenging time for them. When I saw Elmo at the Holiday Preview event in the summer I about jumped, here was something I could suggest to them that could help, and I do so love to help.

Potty Time Elmo HasbroPotty Time Elmo Hasbro

The toy is a beyond adorable Elmo (I love Elmo), and he comes with his sippy cup and a little potty of his own that you could even set up near the munchkin’s potty in your home. There are reward stickers that come with Elmo and he is totally interactive too and tells you when he needs to go. The ‘trainee’ then has to take Elmo to the potty and just like they would do, pull his little pants down (so cute by the way) and get him seated on his potty. Honestly the whole process is adorable. Elmo sometimes has accidents too though, and tells the trainee about them, and that’s ok, they happen, and he remains positive as, after all, he’s in training too!

Next up is the Birthday Party for Elefun Magic Motion Book. Again, I saw this at the holiday preview event and loved that it combined the traditional (hard page books) with the new (voice and motion technology) into one.

Elefun Hasbro BookElefun Hasbro

There are two modes with the book to hold munchkins interest, reading mode and game mode. But it isn’t JUST reading, there are activities that go with each page. The one I took a pic of (sorry, I’m hoping Santa gets me a new point and shoot for Christmas, hint hint hubby) reads the pages and then you can do things like knock on the door, and it makes the sound. It’s adorable.

When you put it in activity mode, a simple flick of a switch, there are tasks for the child that include colour and shape identification and counting.

Again, I just adore this one and it is on my list and going to a special munchkin this year.  So is Elmo.

Happy shopping!


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