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#Holiday2013 Fun with Sesame Street, Care Bears and Mr. Potato Head!

Yes indeed, there are some seriously fun toys that are great potential gifts for the munchkins in your life still out there if you haven’t finished (or started) your shopping yet. I know the sudden arrival of winter on the weekend at my home definitely slowed me down, so I’ll be finishing up this week myself.

First up is the amazing Elmo Junction Train and Road Set from Sesame Street. I LOVE IT!!!

Hasbro Playskool Elmo Junction

It’s not JUST a train set, it also has a road component. And not only is it an adorable playset, it also folds up neatly so it can be put away when company comes over, or when space needs t be reclaimed in the room. Personally, that’s a huge feature for me, I know I’m not the only person with a lack of space.

The set comes with everything you see on the box, and has starter batteries so the kids can get started right away with their play (another bonus). The Elmo locomotive also sings and teaches counting and the alphabet. The set comes with Grover in a taxi too so both the train and the road set are useable out of the box. Additional vehicles (as you can see in the image) can also be purchased.

Next is, yes, one of my personal faves from growing up, the Care Bears!

Hasbro Care Bears

I was beside myself squeeing when I found out these were back, and as cuddly as ever! They’re the same Care Bears I remember, which makes me love them even more. I do so love that the toys I grew up with (I still have my Cheer Bear actually) and that the next generation can enjoy them and love them too. There is something about a cuddly positive-message bear that just makes me smile seeing it. If you’re a retro toy fan like me, this one also goes on the list. The one in the picture however, is staying with me ;).

And last but CERTAINLY not least in my retro-toy-loving mood, is the Mr. Potato Head Little Taters Big Adventures Set.

Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Little Taters

I apologize the image, I need a new camera….also on my list LOL. But the toys is a toy within a toy, and again, a positive in my books. The set comes with 2 Taters that you (or the munchkins) can accessorize with the numerous parts that come in the case.  The case can also be played with and faces put on etc. It’s really an all-in-one. As you can see below, I had far too much fun with them. A simple toy, but one that allows creativity to flow. I must say, whenever my BFF’s son comes by, the first thing he does is grab my Mr. Potato Head and start playing with him. Gotta love the classics!

Hasbro Mr. Potato Head Little Taters

Happy shopping!!!


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