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What are YOU doing New Year’s Eve?

We are on the cusp on another New Year and there is still time to put together an awesome evening to welcome it.
I must say, for us, it’ll be a movie-marathon and board game evening for sure. In my twenties I was all about going out and dressing up, now, having a games night is just more appealing (it also helps that it’s minus 10C here).
We were treated to a games night by Hasbro recently and had a beyond fun time!
There were several great party games set up, and actually a great party too! Hubby and I tried out Jenga first, we love head-to-head challenges, he usually wins, and did this time too, but we’re having a re-match ;). The giggle-fits were priceless! Even our hosts couldn’t figure out how that tower hadn’t fallen at one point!
Next up we tried out Funny or Die. A riot, you caption the photos and then vote on which is best. For a few members of our personal circle of friends, this is PERFECT!
Then we tried out Taboo. Wow. Awesome! You get into pairs and then prompt your partner to guess the word on your card but you can’t use any of the descriptive words on the no list. We didn’t do too great on our first round, but we gained ground fast. This one is a new favourite on our game shelf now.
A few of these games, good company, and fun (and simple) munchies is my perfect recipe for New Year’s Eve!
Welcome 2014!
P.S. A now fave appetizer that we had at the event and we will be having is a grilled cheese sandwich cut up into small pieces and topped with a taste of either ketchup or a sauce of your choosing. I cannot tell you how yummy and perfect that was! Enjoy!


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