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Reflections and a Fresh Outlook

It’s here, albeit I’m a little late blogging about it, but 2014 has indeed arrived. For me at least, it’s been a frigid start and I’m really not impressed at that bit, but I’m going to keep my layered and bundled up head up about it all and just drink more coffee LOL.

Last year seemed long to me, and looking back I know why now. I worked the entire year, right up until the 24th of December, plus a few weeks of 2012, in a row. That was not my brightest plan, and when my body started rebelling in late November and early December I determined that I better listen to it and stop. That was a huge challenge for me and resulted in my hubby debating duct taping me to the sofa to get me to sit still and relax. I have hidden the tape as a result. 😉

So, it was busy for sure. But I did accomplish some pretty major things that I want to note and celebrate:

1. I set personal best’s in my 5k and 10k races, then broke and re-set them again. It still feels weird to say that, me, in races! What is the world coming to?!

2. I graduated from walking exclusively to running (in intervals that I’m still working on) but I did it and I’m doing it.

3. My coach Jenn referred to me as an ‘athlete’. OMG, that was huge. I have NEVER been called that in my life. I still get giddy about it.

4. My goal of putting in 500km’s in 2013 was surpassed (final number to come) by a lot. I’m so proud :).

5. I maintained, successfully, my ‘Amy 2.0’.

For 2014 I have my very first half-marathon coming up, which I’m freaking out over, but I’m determined and when I get stubborn about something, watch out :). I’m going to do a couple races too, distance and locations to be determined. And I need a new distance goal. I’ll ponder and get back to you on that one. This darn winter is putting a serious dent in my plans so far.

I need to focus on me again and keep working towards a much calmer and confident Amy. I think I can do it.

Have you set goals for the new year? What’s your one that you are determined will come to fruition?


2 Responses

  1. All the best in 2014, Amy! Your accomplishments last year were truly worthy of applause. Onward!

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