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A goal accomplished, and in the first month of the year too!

Yup, I accomplished one little goal of mine last week. I’m rather proud of it too.

Last week I snuck off to Las Vegas for a little break from everything. It backfired in that I was sick the entire trip, but I still pushed myself to achieve my goal of running the strip.

When we booked the trip a few months back I had no idea how hard winter was going to hit us this year, it’s been awful suffice to say, and I know lots have had it worse than us, but trust me, it still sucks. I’m also trying to train for my half-marathon that’s coming up (and making me nervous even as I type this) and being outside to do that is a problem this year. I’ve had to get a bit creative and have been using the elliptical and trying to get to classes too to keep up my muscle tone.

I set a goal for myself of running the strip while we were in Vegas in December and was literally counting down til the plane took off. I had my gear packed and ready, outfit planned (yes I’m far too girly on occasion) and my Garmin watch all charged up, we just had to land, eat and sleep and then I was going to rock it.

I woke up exhausted and feeling yucky. I tried to chill out and watched some tv and negotiated with myself to put the run off until the afternoon instead because hey, it would be warmer! Then I called my BFF and that was it, I made myself accountable to her and said ok, I’m going to do this.

I got my gear on, and headed out. My plan: Excalibur to TI and back.

There were a few obstacles, and I had to giggle at the start as my watch took so long to pick up the satellites in a clear sky, but I did it. I left Excalibur, went through NYNY (construction) and headed up. The problem with the strip is that there really isn’t a direct route, you have bridges and pedestrians to deal with, but I weaved, smiled and pushed on. On the way back, I went on the other side of the strip and it was a lot better actually (note to self for next time) and made my way to the Tropicana and across back to Excalibur.

I did it! It was awesome.

Was it my best time? No. Was it a fun time? You bet! Running on holidays: awesome! The best part, dinner totally justified that night…cause of course I then walked from Excalibur to Circus Circus a few hours later (with a slight detour into Caesar’s for an early birthday present to myself that I decided was a requirement).


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